Digital Marketing for Pool Companies

Digital Marketing Tips for Pool Companies

In this digital age, where everyone has devices and searches for what they need online, pool companies need to adopt creative digital marketing strategies. Most people are online or connected in some way throughout the day, and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to capture prospective customers through digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

When a potential client searches online for a pool contractor, you want your name to be listed on the first page of results. Search engines will not place your website at the top of the list just because you are a pool company. Search engines look for relevant content on your website that link to credible sources and on other websites that link back to you. This content needs to be added at regular intervals, so it builds over time. Then, when a potential customer searches for pool builders near me or other related keywords, your website will be listed closer to the top of the search engine results.

Website Upgrades

In a free-market system, your job is to ensure that potential customers know about your products and services. One of the best, and least expensive, ways to do this is to develop a website. However, you shouldn’t just create a website and expect it to attract customers forever. Customers, technology and even industries change, and prospective clients expect your website to change as well. They want added information, new photos and expanded options, and they want a website that is easy to use.

Therefore, regular evaluations and updates are necessary. For example, you should look for ways to increase your website’s loading time. Your design should be streamlined and clean. Your information should be relevant, insightful and up to date. Finally, all your links should work.

You want your clients’ experiences with your website to be positive. Not only can a superior website improve your customer service and attract new customers, but it also boosts your website ranking because customers are staying on your site for longer periods of time.

Social Media

Most people use social media today, and if you aren’t advertising on social media, you may be missing out on a significant prospective client pool. Social media allows you to connect with new and existing clients directly.

Your primary use of these platforms is connecting with customers. Therefore, start a page. You can converse with people in or outside your community. You can post updates on products or services. You may message current and previous customers, who may then be inclined to share your information with their peers because they think you care about them and how they feel about your company’s products and services.

You can choose a wide range of platforms for your social media advertising. For example, you may choose Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn. Lesser-known platforms, such as MeWe, may put you in contact with clients that other companies haven’t targeted yet, and their advertising costs may be lower because their platforms are not as popular yet.

Lead Generation

You may also purchase lead generation services. In this case, another company will provide prospective client information. These clients were looking for the services your company offers. Leads companies typically have multiple websites that attract people to targeted advertising. These individuals are then encouraged to provide their contact information, which is given to the lead generation company’s advertisers, or you. Digital advertising with these types of companies may also increase your search engine ranking because they typically provide content that links back to your website and links to other websites that are considered authorities in the field.

Ask for Reviews

After you build or service a pool, ask your customers to review your products and services. Encourage them to post reviews on various sites, such as Facebook and Google. You may also target local review sites, such as Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. Watch your Better Business Bureau ranking, and address any complaints as quickly as possible.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you advertise on search engines or social media, you may purchase pay-per-click advertising services. In this case, the platform, such as Google, Bing or even social media platforms, post ads, and when a client clicks on that ad, you are charged a fee.

You set your ad budget each day or month and choose your keywords. Long keywords produce more targeted results and reduce competition. You can choose where the ads are posted. For example, if you don’t provide services outside of Florida, advertising in California will be a waste of money. You can also narrow or widen your geographic location, limiting it to specific cities or widening it to nations.

You control your digital ad campaign with this type of advertising. However, even if a person clicks on your ad by accident or immediately leaves your site after clicking an ad, you will be charged for that click, so make sure your keywords are specific and your ads are accurate.

Directory Listings

Consider searching for related directories, or lists of small businesses. Some are industry specific, while others may be geographically relevant. Listing directories produce targeted leads. They are also great places to submit customer reviews. Some directories are even free.

As you search and begin advertising on directories, which will take some time and effort, carefully develop your profile and keep it updated. Respond to any reviews, questions or comments you see on these sites, especially negative reviews.

Video or Live Streaming

Consider creating videos or live streaming content for your website and social media pages. For example, you could create videos about the pool building process, what it takes to keep pools clean and safe or what your finished pools look like. You may discuss all the services your company offers and show the world what your offices look like, just be sure they are clean and organized for the video. You can also introduce yourself and your employees to your clients and answer client questions. Remember to keep it professional.

Your digital marketing efforts should be integrated and streamlined. Whether you create your own advertising or work with an agency, an effective digital marketing strategy can help you expand your business.