Digital Marketing: Three Possible Legal Issues

Digital Marketing: Online, Digital Technology, and Legal Concerns

Digital marking is one highly useful component within marketing. This is done with the use of online and internet-based technologies. The following digital technologies are incorporated within online marketing:

  • mobile phones
  • desktop computers
  • platforms
  • more

These are used in order to promote products and provide valuable information to the consumer. This marketing style had been developed in the 1990s and early 2000. Standard marketing methods faced drastic changes when technology came into the picture. There are legal issues that need to be considered in all areas of digital online marketing. There are various regulations that must be adhered to. Privacy and data go hand-in-hand.

Lawful Digital Marketing

Commercial litigation lawyers are fully informed about the area of lawful digital marketing methods. Business litigation and commercial dispute resolution can be prevented when lawful digital marketing practices are in place. Keep in mind that legal marketing covers a broad range of items and many laws apply to the digital realm too. Legal marketing practices must be in place. Legal digital marketing incorporates many advertising practices within the following areas:

  • relations with clients
  • networking
  • relations with the public
  • any participation within organizations
  • more

The Federal Trade Commission enforces the laws that surround aspects of digital marketings to ensure that lawful digital marketing is taking place.

First Legal Priority: Privacy and Data

A digital marketer can face legal issues if they are uninformed about privacy and data. The consumer has expressed numerous concerns about their privacy. Online safety is weaved into the privacy aspect of digital marketing. Keep in mind, data regulations and guidelines are continually being put into place by government agencies. All marketers will need to be kept informed about the updated privacy practices or they can face fines and penalties because privacy and data are valid issues within digital marketing. Every marketer must keep informed about all updated privacy and data laws and guidelines surrounding digital marketing. Internet technology has impacted businesses and the entire marketing area. There are noteworthy challenges to contend with in terms of sharing capabilities and data collection. Cybersecurity does play a vital role because of all the sensitive interactions between consumers and businesses. The goal is to prevent information and data from falling into the wrong hands

Second Legal Priority: Intellectual Property Issues

Internet laws are in place to protect everyone online. This includes trade secrets and business. It involves specific information that does not include any persons outside of a business. This is referring to patents, trademarks, and copyrights among other items. Digital marketers must inform themselves in order to remain within the lawful guidelines. This is known as IP or personal property. The IP laws will safeguard the interests of a business. This is added protection from any unfair competition and marketers are included within this guideline

Third Legal Priority: Cloud Storage

When information is collected, the consumer needs to know that it is secure once it has been obtained. A marketer will need to be informed about copyright infringement. This includes data breaches, HIPAA violations, hacking, security violations, and many complex issues that can arise with cloud storage. HIPPA is referring to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. Violations may occur when any protected information (health information) is disclosed and it poses various risks to a patient. Cloud storage is a service model. Data is stored and transmitted and it is stored within remote systems. The data is then managed, maintained, and backed up. It will be made available to users through a network. Most users will pay for cloud data storage

Staying Fully Informed and Avoiding Legal Issues

Any professional, within the digital marketing field, can avoid many future legal issues by staying fully informed about the legal guidelines that are in place. This may involve ongoing education in order to remain up-to-date on current and changing guidelines.

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