Digital Marketing Strategies for Family History Companies

Digital Marketing Strategies for Family History Companies

Family history companies are thriving in the digital realm and there are many unique advantages they have when it comes to marketing themselves. The industry also faces some pressing marketing challenges that present ample opportunities for growth. Learn more about how family history companies can use digital marketing strategies to advance their business.

Appeal to Your Customers

Customers of family history companies are constantly on the lookout for new ways to consume products and trace their lineage. Knowing who your customers are, and more importantly, how to reach them, is a crucial aspect of your continued success. Before deploying time-intensive advertising campaigns, it’s a good idea to research your market and understand it as well as you can.

The better you understand your audience, and how you can appeal to them, the more services you can offer. For example, if you are targeting a younger audience, then providing easy ways for them to access information about their parents is crucial. In this example, you can be certain to prioritize services uncovering 1950 census records for family history tracing.

Research the Current Climate

In addition to understanding your audience, it also helps to see how others in the field are handling their market. Do you have larger competitors that you can glean knowledge from? Often you will be able to pull some ideas and tweak them to meet your own unique offers as a family history company.

Several family history companies have found success giving potential customers free access to a limited range of services. This may include basic burial records and birth certificate searches to give users a taste of the tools you can provide for them. Using product demos in the right way is an excellent approach to getting people interested in your offerings.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

With social media, you have more advantages when marketing your family history company than ever before. Whether you are focused on creating short-form videos for platforms such as Tik Tok and YouTube, or if you are trying to create imagery on Instagram, there is no denying the infinite marketing leverage gathered from social media.

Family history companies can start on social media by sharing simple examples and anecdotes sourced from services. Often it only takes one alluring story to grab the attention of a potential customer and get them interested in doing business with you. Social media is a powerful storytelling tool, which is why it makes such a perfect match with family history companies.

Create Unique Content

As a family history company, you should strive to create as much unique content around your brand as possible. This content should live on your website where visitors can uncover your values, mission, and brand through your content. Family history is a rich subject rife with opportunities for content creation.

Demo walkthrough videos explaining your systems and processes can assist you in drumming up interest in your services. Similarly, sharing more complex stories through blog posts and video content will generate new intrigue in the process of genealogy and related fields.

Use Data to Alter Your Strategies

Finally, you can use a breadth of data collected from ad campaigns and marketing efforts to create more reach in the future. The modern era offers family history companies several advantages when analyzing data and applying it to digital marketing. With the right data tools, you can learn about your target demographic and how to appeal to them.

When running ads on social media, be sure to monitor their reach. Unique clicks and visitors are key metrics to explore as these can highlight which ads are working and which need to be altered in future marketing campaigns. Study these pieces of data and you will start to see patterns you can leverage for more growth.

Failing to implement the latest strategies with your family history company will leave you behind when compared to the competition. Remember to follow these top marketing tips when you are looking to increase your business.