Designing your website to increase sales

Designing your website to increase sales: 9 tips for success

The Internet is a great place to sell your products. It allows businesses to connect with customers all around the world. But it’s not easy to stand out in front of the competition online. To change this, you first must understand that the website is your digital store. And people love buying at stores that provide a great experience! You need a website visitors will enjoy from the very first click of their buying journey.

In this article, experts from Alpha Efficiency will give us 10 tips you should follow when designing a website to increase sales.

  1. Reduce website loading time

Loading time of your website is the first impression visitors get. If it doesn’t load within 3 seconds, many of your potential customers will leave without even looking at what you have to offer. There are usually many images on eCommerce sites, which increases the time it takes for a website to load. Optimize them for a better performance. 

  1. Create attractive homepage

After a website is optimized to load faster, the next challenge is ready – designing a homepage that keeps visitors engaged. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Apply concepts of minimalism – A homepage should look clean. Avoid placing too much text and other elements as it can drive people off. Every detail must have a purpose.
  • Make it look professional – Try to build trust as soon as a visitor arrives. Avoid grammatical errors, give them a taste of your expertise, provide social proof, etc.
  1. Use landing pages

Unique landing pages are vital for increasing sales. Those are the pages of your website people first see after clicking on an ad or searching for a product on Google. The purpose of a landing page is to guide visitors’ attention to a specific call to action – in this case, buying your product. You could go even further by creating different landing pages for smaller audience groups. This approach can help you deliver the right message to everyone, which will naturally increase sales.

  1. Optimize the website for mobile devices

People often use smartphones and tablets to casually browse online stores in the hope of finding an interesting product to buy. And they won’t even check offers on a website that doesn’t provide great user experience. You can optimize the website for mobile devices by utilizing either the adaptive or responsive web design. Both approaches will ensure that your website looks good on different screen sizes.

Mobile-friendliness also impacts search engine rankings, as Google announced its “mobile-first indexing” approach in 2018.

  1. Include testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviews are great for building trust between you and customers. They show your potential customers that other people were satisfied doing business with you. Here is how to use these on your website to increase sales:

  • Try to put them in visible places
  • Show customers’ faces if they allow you to
  • Optimize text readability
  • Keep it real, do not use fake testimonials
  1. Easy navigation

Websites that are easy to navigate provide better user experience. Ensure that your visitors always know where they are and how to get wherever they want to be. Clear site architecture is vital for achieving this. If you offer many different products on your website, allow potential customers to sort them by filters. Suggestions based on recent purchases are also a great feature that increases sales. 

  1. Make it interactive

There are not many better ways to provide a great user experience than creating a well-designed, interactive website. Do not be afraid to put visitors in control and let them play with the elements of your website. Make the process of buying entertaining. Design an innovative way for visitors to check different product colors, sizes, combinations, etc. Interactiveness does not only help customers decide which product to pick, but it also improves the chances that they will come back for more fun.

  1. Live chat support

Before buying a product, people want to ensure that it suits their needs. That is why they often have many questions – related to different product sizes, colors, materials, delivery information, payback policies, etc.

For this purpose, implementing live chat support on your website is not a bad idea. Your employees or chatbots will ensure that customers never get confused.

  1. Smooth payment process

Payment process is the last obstacle standing between visitors and your products. You should ensure that it goes as smooth as possible, as neither you or your customers want a deal to fail at this stage. If possible:

  • Design ‘product carts’
  • Offer different payment options
  • Save payment information for returning customers

And remember to send them a simple “thank you” message after. You can also provide options for customers to rate your services after delivery is successful.


Running an online business doesn’t have to be hard if you follow the tips above. Designing a unique website that looks professional and offers a great user experience is a proven way to increase sales.