Crucial Neuromarketing Tricks for Your Instagram Content

Neuromarketing is a concept of psychology in which many brands now use in their marketing strategies to boost their sales. Neuromarketing, in short words, describe how the brain works when a person is trying to make purchasing decisions. Whether it’s a rational or emotional decision, there are many reasons from assignment writing service on why it’s good to understand neuromarketing:

  • You’re able to communicate subtly and indirectly if you can reach the mind of the customer. 
  • You’re able to form a rapport with prospects very quickly. 
  • You’re able to stir up certain feelings like scarcity, curiosity, pain, or pleasure in your prospects and ultimately boosting your conversions. 

Brands are now leveraging on neuromarketing to boost their daily marketing campaigns on social media. Funnily enough, it is hard to detect these tricks. An untrained eye will not know a neuromarketing trick when it sees one. So, if you do your neuromarketing well, your customers and prospects will read your content without realizing that it was written in a way that could influence their marketing decisions. 

If you are reading this article, you probably have an interest in using neuromarketing tricks to boost your content. We discuss some of these tricks in this post. 

Give them the attention they crave. 

One of the best ways to develop a rapport with people on social media without stress or much effort is to give them attention and let them feel special. These days, people use the internet to gain something from it. They go on YouTube to educate themselves or get entertained, WhatsApp and Facebook are used for communicating, while Instagram is used to post pictures and consume visual content. 

However, other subtle reasons people find social media very intriguing are much more than these. A chief example is the need to be recognized. Many people just want to be praised and admired. This is something you should take advantage of as a brand, inspire them, and give them the attention they crave. They will feel special. 

If you are trying to sell a product to them, talk about its benefits. They just want to hear how it benefits them and what they stand to gain. This is the message you should send out to them without being too promotional about it. 

The beginning and ending are essential. 

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The most crucial parts of your Instagram marketing content are the beginning and the ending parts of it. If you are looking to pass a message out with your content, start and end with that particular message, and your audience won’t forget it. This principle is quite popular in psychology and is useful if you apply it well in your marketing. 

The brain tries to develop connections. While the links and relationships can be natural, it can also be induced. For instance, if you’re posting four correlating content on your Instagram stories, they are essential that they first and fourth talk about the same thing. This will pass the message across better. 

Stand-alone from the crowd

According to Seth Godin, an author at dissertation help, there are many benefits to contrasts only if businesses know how to use this principle. For instance, if you see a field with ten cows, 9 of which are white and another purple one, the purple one will be the first to notice because it stands out. Your brain notices the contrast instinctively. That’s how the brain and the mind work in pointing out things that are off from the normal. This is something you can use in business. 

For your Instagram content, you need to start thinking differently from others. Be original. Think of things that your competition hasn’t thought of and hasn’t done before and watch your content rise. 

Give and receive 

Reciprocity is one of the most effective psychology principles for excellent customer relations. You can adopt a guide for your Instagram content and marketing campaigns to strengthen the bond with your customers and prospects. 

If you get something from someone for free, you are likely going to be happy and react positively because of how you feel, and this will make you like that person the more. Treating your customers as your friends is vital to your growth as a business. Ensure to freely give away values and not expect to get anything from them in return, then watch them patronize you in return. 

Use more power words. 

The use of words and the psychology behind words is another art on its own, and brands are continuing to use more ‘power words’ with their customers and prospects to inspire their emotions. We are, by nature, emotional, which sometimes leads to making purchases based on emotions. Some words are more powerful than they appear and can stir emotions. Examples are a gift, cheap, unique, exclusive, new, value, rich, best, incredible, jackpot, etc. 

Using these words regularly in your Instagram content does a lot to your audience and helps you grab their attention. These words are strong enough to trigger the reader’s subconscious mind and make them take actions impulsively. 

The principle of pain and pleasure 

As stated in an article for an essay writing service, the principle of pain and pressure is a very popular neuromarketing trick, and it suggests how the brain continually tries to gain more pleasure while avoiding pain. The brain works automatically to trigger responses that are for our protection against harm. Some of these responses are feelings, reactions, and thoughts.      

You can take advantage of this as a marketer to boost the performance of your Instagram content. You can try to sell your idea by emphasizing bad news, such as an impending danger if the readers fail to take action immediately.  Another way to use this principle is to go through the other extreme of tempting your Instagram audience with the pleasure stimuli. For instance, you can ask your audience to drop a comment or provide feedback to your content, then promise that they will get a reply from you. Your audience will be triggered to do what you want because they want to be recognized by you in a situation like this. 

All you need to do is to brainstorm for pain and pleasure ideas that you can use to trigger reactions and responses from your Instagram audiences. 


Neuromarketing is an exciting art that is very effective for content marketing. Like every other marketing strategy, when you use it for your Instagram content, you have to be consistent in practicing it and being patient with it. Once you start using it today and stay true to it consistently for a month, it won’t take long before you begin to see its effect, and in no time, you will be very different than you were before you started.  

To perform better and be more successful when using these psychological tricks and tips in marketing, you must read a lot about psychology as a whole, then consumer psychology down to neuromarketing. While these three fields are related, they are also very different from each other. This will help your implementation of the tips discussed above, as it will come more naturally to you. 

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