Can you use Proxy on a Mobile?

Can you use Proxy on a Mobile?

Did you just google if you can use Proxy on a Mobile? 

Well, why not?

The simplest answer to this question is a Yes, of course. But if you are not acquainted with its whereabouts completely, then you have landed on the right page. 

Here we are about to discuss in detail what a Mobile Proxy is and how you can use it on your phone. 

What is a Mobile Proxy?

Proxy servers are not new in the business, and people are quite familiar with their functions on computers, laptops, or tablets; however, when it comes to using Mobile Proxy, a skeptical attitude surrounds the term due to lack of insight.

Similar to computer proxy, the mobile proxy also serves as a moderator between the mobile user and web pages. Its main purpose is to provide an indirect means of communication to users and web pages by creating a barrier between the two and hiding the user’s identity from web domains. 

Digital devices have IP addresses through which they can be traced down, and even the activities carried out on those devices can be monitored along with their location and user data. 

Proxy servers, be it on a computer or mobile, provide the user a different IP address to surf the internet, which not only helps in masking the user’s identity but also safeguards their data. 

The proxy-service providers simply hand you over a different IP address that is linked to an actual mobile phone working remotely as a mobile proxy device. You are required to enter that address in your phone’s network settings and voila. 

Now every site you are going to check on the internet will have the IP address of the device you are linked with instead of your IP address which will help in protecting your actual user interface, location, and mobile data. 

Since using mobile proxy involves cyber-security risks, it is recommended to get this service from an authentic service provider such as litport

Types of Mobile Proxy

The type of mobile proxy depends upon the purpose it is going to serve. You can choose one according to your needs after going through all its types. 

  • Shared/ Datacenter Proxy

As the name shows, a shared proxy means a single IP address will be utilized by multiple users. Even though the idea of it seems dubious however if you look closely, it is quite useful. More users with the same IP address make it more difficult for web domains to track down anyone, which helps in keeping hackers at a bay.

A shared proxy service is also ideal due to its cost-effectivity, and it is a lot cheaper than a private proxy service. The downside to it is that you may land on pages asking to enter CAPTCHA if any of the other users go through malicious sites. 

  • Private Proxy

If you choose to opt for a private proxy, the service provider will give you a single or multiple IP addresses that will be in your usage only. Authentic proxy providers like litport have worldwide contracts with mobile companies, which ensures user’s convenience and safety.  

A private server is very expensive, but the amount you spend is quite worth the benefits it serves, especially if you need proxy service for educational or business purposes. 

  • Residential Proxy 

Cyber censorship policies limit the user’s web reach according to their geographical location. The residential proxy allows the users to access restricted sites via an IP address that belongs to a different location. 

If you are a student and you need unlimited access to social sites for making assignments or you are running a business and need updates from every nook and corner, a residential proxy is the best option.

Residential proxy helps in web scraping as well. You can ask the service provider to give you a rotating residential proxy, and your proxy will keep changing automatically, helping you in gathering data even from sites that do not allow a single IP address to visit the site multiple times. 

For affordable premium packages, unlimited bandwidth, and legal residential IP rotation, you may consider a proxy service provider like litport. 

Free Proxy apps or Premium Proxy service?

Various apps and websites offer users to utilize free proxy services that are ideal for short-term use. With a free proxy service, you can hide your identity from the web domains, but your original IP address is accessible for the proxy site. 

For a perfect cover-up, use a premium proxy offered by genuine service providers such as litport. Their team will be available to guide you 24/7; thus, you can enjoy a trouble-free mobile proxy.