Best Wix Marketing Apps

Best Wix Marketing Apps

Wix is a website builder that makes it easy for anyone to create their websites. It’s free, and there are no complicated coding skills needed. The best part? There are over 1 million apps you can use on Wix! These marketing apps will help you with everything from creating graphics to analyzing your competitors and more. Check out the top ten marketing apps available on Wix.

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is the premier automation marketing tool on the market. It can manage and automate every facet of affiliate marketing: lead capture, lead tracking, email deliverability, landing pages, forms organization, and much more. 

OSI Affiliate software provides the opportunity for affiliates to manage their advertising campaigns through their platform. It enables marketers to set up marketing campaigns, upload banners and links, track statistics, optimize copy, and more. The majority of affiliate software is web-based, with an administrative dashboard for managing various functions from a single point.


iRefer is a referral marketing software system that automates the entire customer, partner, and affiliate marketing process. The referral program functionality in iRefer provides the strategies to make your campaign easy to manage by defining how promotional offers are distributed and tracked across channels of messages. 

For example, companies can create new promotions with customizable conditions for each promotion. Rewards are triggered by customers referring other customers (i.e., invite friends) or all-time visitors (creating an account). You can also make more complex rules if you want to create custom programs for your customers. It can be a point-system approach where they can only unlock rewards after getting a particular number of points.  


RewardReach is the world’s only coupon and influencer marketing software that strengthens customer engagement, boosts social sharing, increases ROI, and cuts costs. Over 150 North American brands use their technology to grow their online presence quickly and affordably.

RewardReach’s mission is to help influencers and brands become more successful by connecting them with the right audiences in a way that reaches their needs.

Powered by advanced analytics, they enable marketers to identify critical demographics and target specific users based on various filters with immediacy and transparency. They analyze billions of data points per day and provide relevant information about the digital world, such as which influencer posts are most popular among Z-generation consumers or what content resonates well with Millennials.


Associative Limited is an affiliate marketing software company that offers powerful, affordable and easy-to-use tools for your internet business.

Apps by Associative Limited has a great product and would be a great choice if you’re looking for an efficient way of selling Drum Set Lab products online. When it comes down to our final decision, it will come down to pricing – the last thing we want when building our online businesses are hidden fees.

Social Seeder

Social Seeder has made it its mission to revolutionize the way companies use rewards and recognition as a marketing tool to attract, retain and advance top talent.

They are working to help employers understand that their culture will determine how people behave. Reward programs are essential because they communicate cultural values – this system of reward shapes our behavior which ultimately decides the sustainability of an organization’s culture.

ISORAW ‑ Rewards Done Right

ISORAW is an influencer marketing software, integrating with various social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for influencer identification, monitoring, tracking, and analysis. The platform has been designed to seamlessly collaborate with agencies and brands so ISO RAW can plan and execute campaigns on behalf of their clients.

ISORAW is a software suite for influencer marketing- from finding influencers, growing your brand’s presence on social media, and measuring the ROI.


SalesCamp is a marketing tool that includes facilitation for understanding the buyer’s journey, behavioral change psychology, and persuasive tactics to help you win new business.

SalesCamp is the best way for any company to sell more and build brand loyalty. SalesCamp teaches salespeople how to make better decisions regarding prospecting, networking, pricing strategies, objection management – all leading up to winning more deals and accelerating revenue growth. And it’s done by creating an effective affiliate program.

Invite Referrals

Invite Referrals is a referral marketing platform that integrates the power of social and mobile to generate more sales leads, customers, and revenue for businesses.

Invite Referrals helps you get more referrals by building an online community around your product or service. When users refer to someone who buys products from sites such as from Hunting Bow Lab that makes a purchase using their invitation code, both the referring user AND the buyer earn points. They can use these points to unlock other rewards. 

Pongo Affiliate

Pongo is an export marketing and e-commerce product promotion software that you can connect to multiple affiliate networks. With the help of this software, sellers can connect their online shop to any network with one click. Also, affiliates can set up a distributive sales system with each vendor sending progress emails with every order. 

E-commerce companies that export abroad need support if they want international clients. Building a company’s reputation from scratch takes time, and it is difficult for traders to find prospects if they search for it by themselves. This stage is where Pongo Affiliate comes in. 


FriendBuy software is the latest promotional tool for businesses. FriendBuy gives you a way to promote your business with ease and helps those close to you save money every time they shop.

The FriendBuy process is more straightforward than it may seem – once your contacts are on the system, you can send them quick email invitations when promotions are running. They’ll be able to claim their rewards through social media or even on your website.

Which of these Wix marketing apps do you use or find interesting? Which of these will work for your business? Let us know! Comment below and let us know which app has been the most beneficial to your company. We’d love to hear about all of your best practices with each platform so we can continue providing helpful advice in future blog posts.