Best Ecommerce Practices to Drive Organic Traffic to your Website

Are you in the business of selling tangible products? If yes, then you might be in search of tactics to drive more organic traffic to your website. As per the study, ecommerce sales will reach to the heights by joining the digital race. However, to win this race, you have to provide customers with a well-planned and valuable online shopping experience.  

In this challenging ecommerce industry, it becomes difficult to stand out uniquely. Thus, if you want that maximum customer visits your site and shop, then here are the ecommerce best practices to consider. It helps you keep your customers happy while improving sales consistently. 

It goes without saying that part of customer satisfaction is web performance.  The page load time is one of the major factors that Google has announced as part of their Page Experience Signals which will be rolling out in May 2021.  It is now critical that you test your page load times and try to improve them.

1 Create Product Filters to Save Customers Time 

There are two types of buying customers – first, who visit your online store as they already know what they require and second who have no clue. And for the second category of customers, you need to provide product filters to sort out the items. The filtering technique will help visitors focus on the things that suit their wants and also saves a lot of time.  

Always think about what is best for your visitors and create filters that are relevant to them. As per the research, 42% of ecommerce websites do not have category filters for their products. Therefore, if you consider and implement these practices correctly, then you will be ahead of the competition.  

2 Write Short and Simple Product Descriptions

The product description is very vital for your ecommerce site. It can sky-high your conversion rates. Here considering SEO product descriptions for your ecommerce store is even more critical. Thus, focus on writing short and easy to understand product descriptions that create value and rank higher on search engines. 

According to the study, most of the people spend time just on viewing pictures and the remaining on reading text. Not optimising your product descriptions is simply not getting enough results from the money you invested. Here you can hire the top marketing agency like Adaptify, having an experienced team of copywriters to help you with product descriptions.   

3 Eliminate Complicated Checkout Process 

Are you aware of the fact that 68.63% of consumers discontinue using shopping carts? It is mainly because of their loss of interest, or they find it difficult to understand the checkout process. To overcome this issue, reduce distraction from your checkout page and let the customer checkout calmly.  

You can also make the customers know about the number of steps required during the checkout process by adding details in the FAQ section. Note not to force consumers to create accounts and allow them to checkout as guests. All in all, by eliminating complicated checkout procedure from your site, the chances of generating traffic increases. 

4 Add Live Chat Support to Your Web Store

If you don’t know the reason behind customers bouncing away from your web shop, then add live chat support to your site. It helps you discover customers on-the-spot concerns and objections. As per the study, 95% of the customers consider calls the most effective approach to get a response about any product.  

By installing live chat support on your online store, visitors can easily ask questions about their queries and get instant solutions. It helps you develop customer, valued personalisation interactions. Overall, it is considered as one of the smart ecommerce practices to boost traffic.  

5 Improve Your Poor Loading Website 

Most of the customers want a web page to load within two or three seconds. According to the research, 1% delay in the loading speed can decrease the overall conversion rate, which can cause a massive loss every year. Therefore, improve your website’s loading speed if it is low. 

From reducing HTTP requests, server response time, resources, number of plugins, redirects to optimising images and CSS delivery, you can improve your slow loading web store. However, it is not possible to do it yourself if you are not aware of technical marketing aspects. Here you can again take the help, you marketing professionals. 

Summing Up

There are a lot more ecommerce practices available online that are considered by many entrepreneurs. But, acknowledging the practices mentioned above, your ecommerce site will drive more organic traffic. Eventually, your conversion rates will also increase, and your business can quickly achieve success goals. In the end, remember to evaluate your conversion rate within time and improvise your strategies accordingly. Just be unique, and your customers will undoubtedly get engaged with your site. 

Author’s Bio

Being the most enthusiastic content writer, Jigna Shah, loves to write on trendy and unique subjects related to digital marketing. She works in one of the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne known as Adaptify. Her purpose in writing is to help all businesses to improve their online presence and generate sales.