Before Launching Your New Website, Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Before Launching Your New Website, Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you noticed that most people who are faced with the desire to promote their business to the masses either have no idea what digital marketing is or know superficially? Unfortunately, this is used by unscrupulous employees of digital agencies, who can turn the customer’s ignorance in their favor. Let’s talk about digital marketing and its tools that will allow your business to get more customers and orders. And what to do to create a digital marketing strategy before launching a new website.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is brand promotion and customer acquisition through all possible digital channels, depending on the subject and economic feasibility: Social networks, email newsletters, contextual advertising, content marketing, and so on. It also uses other tools to help appeal to customers from an offline environment – SMS, mobile applications on phones. In a word, it is a complex promotion of a product or service using different types of marketing.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing has an undeniable advantage – it is a personalized message. Each potential and current client needs its approach, which means that digital agency employees must learn everything about the customer: interests, tastes, preferences.

The benefits of digital marketing lie in establishing interaction with a wider target audience and conveying information to more potential customers quickly. In turn, a more powerful impact on the audience increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. In addition, the transparency of measuring the results of a marketing campaign and the ability to make adjustments in real-time will help reduce costs compared to traditional advertising.

Web Design as Key to a Digital Marketing Strategy

Usually, the marketing and design teams work separately. Marketers prefer not to share information about their strategy, and designers prefer not to discuss intermediate results until the task is fully completed. Lack of cooperation leads to misunderstandings and extra work.

As an essential part of web marketing, business-oriented design requires a careful approach and a professional website designer. And if you want to get the most out of your plan, you must contact the marketing and design teams to work together before launching the site. And when you know your goals and communicate them correctly, you will almost certainly hit the mark.

What tools are used in digital marketing?

  • Content Marketing. Quality content-marketing still works well in 2022. Almost all large companies maintain their blogs, sharing valuable and relevant information, showing expertise in their chosen niche. This increases user confidence and increases brand awareness. Don’t forget that blog readers are potential customers. It is easier to warm up such an audience because a person is more likely to buy a product from a company whose blog he regularly reads than from an unknown company.
  • Automatic chatbots. Users do not like to wait long for answers to questions. Previously, chatbots and quick customer advice in messengers were seen as an additional advantage, but today it is a common and even a prerequisite for sales. If the user wants to get advice and information about the product at midnight, you need to provide him with such an opportunity. Automatic chatbot process requests and provides instant answers at any time. This possibility should be considered before creating a website.
  • Interactive content. (Quizzes, tests and online surveys, simple games, slideshows, etc.) User interest in interactive content has been growing since five to ten years ago when the first online quizzes and other similar projects appeared on the web. Such content is attractive because users can actively interact with it and not just read and watch it.
  • Adaptation for voice search. In the era of digital technologies, users can access the Internet at any time and get answers to their questions. However, not everyone has the patience and time to open a browser, enter a query in a search engine and read the information. Voice search comes to the rescue. Today, well-known brands have already begun to adapt their first websites to this technology to get more customers.
  • Account-based marketing. This means focusing the company’s primary efforts on people who are more likely to buy the product. One way to create such a user base is to send small gifts and promotional offers. For example, an online cosmetics store has its own Instagram subscriber base. According to it, a selection of one hundred women of a particular age category is made. Then they are sent a message with a promotional code to receive a gift from a suitable variety of care products.
  • Video Marketing. The number of companies using video for marketing purposes is growing every year. Videos increase customer loyalty and help promote the brand. Today, not everyone is ready to read long texts, so video content is rapidly gaining momentum. The average user spends about 18 hours a week watching videos on the Internet. When you add a video to your email newsletter, the number of clicks increases by 250-300%.

When promoting a business on the Internet, you need to rebuild and refine your marketing strategy constantly. In the digital sphere, everything changes very quickly, so you need to follow the trends and skillfully adapt them to your company. It is not necessary to use all tools at the same time. Choose a few best-suited for your business and build them into your promotion strategy. The results will not keep you waiting.