An Introduction To Google's Automated Bidding Strategies

An Introduction To Google’s Automated Bidding Strategies

Google always provides the best technology to make everything easy for us. We all know Google to display ads have a big part in digital advertisement. If you are in the process of displaying ads then take the next step of Google ad strategies. 

All the same, it’s important to know detailed info about Google’s automated bidding strategy. So, if you get an automated bidding strategy then go through this article to get every detail. 

What Is Google’s Automated Bidding Strategy?

An automated bidding strategy is a Google ads bid strategy that is completely designed to maximize results based on the ad campaign sets. This is the reason, the automated bidding strategy is popular among users worldwide. 

With automated bidding straight, Google sets a bid according to your budget and your requirement to get clicks or conversions. 

To do this, you can analyze the ad campaign and understand what you should develop and implement. There is so many benefit of Google ads automated bidding. If you are using Google display ads, then Google’s automated bidding strategy is needed to apply on your ad campaign to ensure the maximum clicks or conversation. 

The Seven Types Of Bidding Strategy

Here are the seven types of bidding strategies that Google provides in automated bidding strategy. So, let’s check them one by one. 

  1. Maximize Clicks

You may understand the name of the bidding strategy. This strategy’s goal is to increase the site’s visibility. It is available across multiple campaigns, single and ad groups. 

No need to say that maximizing clicks is to aim to increase the site clicks. The automated strategy automatically bids to help to get the maximum result. 

If you have a solid conversation funnel and want to increase the licks number then this strategy is good. 

  1. Target Search Page Location

This bidding strategy aims to ensure the first page position in the search engine result pages. This bidding is available on every ad campaign. The name of this bidding strategy is target search page location means that Google tries to show your ads at the top position in the first page. 

For those who want to show their ads on the Google search research first page, this bidding strategy is perfect. It is only available on the portfolio on the search network. 

  1. Target Outranking Share

All ad campaigns can use this bidding strategy. The target of this strategy is to enhance the visibility of other websites. 

According to Google, “With Target Outranking Share, you can choose another advertiser’s domain that you want to outrank in ad position and how often you’d like to outrank it. Google will then automatically set your search bids to help meet that objective.”

On this note, this strategy is only available in the portfolio bid strategy. 

  1. Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)

This bidding strategy is available in ad groups and campaigns. How to get more conversations with the target CPA? This bidding strategy can help you. 

This automated bidding strategy allows for more control over your automated Google bidding strategy. With this strategy google automatically set the strategy to get as possible as conversations that you set CPA. 

  1. Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC)

While staying in control of keywords, you can use this bidding strategy to enhance cost per click.  This is available in ad groups, campaigns, and keywords. With this bidding strategy Google automatically adjusted the manual bid to help generate more conversations. 

Achieving the cost-per-conversion, this strategy is a solid option. It helps you meet your advertising advertisement. 

  1. Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Everyone wants to get a proper return on their spending. This bidding strategy works on return on spending money. This bidding strategy is available in ad groups, campaigns, and keywords. 

This strategy provides a lot of return as per your set ROAS. See, every ad has a different purpose, if you want to get a conversation as per your spend, then don’t go further. 

 This strategy is available on a single strategy or portfolio bid strategy.  Or, you can use this for individual campaigns. 

  1. Maximize Conversions

Last but not the least, this bidding strategy is based on the increment of conversations and enhancing the customer’s potentiality. 

Here Google optimizes the higher volume of conversations. According to Google, “Maximize Conversions is available as a standard strategy for individual campaigns, but not as a portfolio bid strategy.”

If you can spend a large budget, then use this automated bidding strategy to fulfill your requirement. It generates customers in the way of conversations. 

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your queries. Before you add Google’s automated bidding strategy, you should know that these are automatically for individual keywords and ad groups. 

This machine learning strategy can evaluate the overall performance.  So, let’s try the perfect bidding strategy as per your requirement. Still, if you have any doubts, you can leave a comment below. 

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