Alternative Marketing Strategies to Help Expand Your Target Reach In 2022

Alternative Marketing Strategies to Help Expand Your Target Reach In 2022

The internet is a big place, and it’s a big marketplace. With so many voices shouting on the internet, it’s important that yours is the loudest. But the key to life is to work smarter, not harder, and you might find that if you simply change tactics to a form of marketing you hadn’t considered before, you can get better results. Take a look at our ideas and how to implement them in your marketing campaign.


Podcasting is one of the easiest and most lucrative forms of content on the internet right now. It has exploded in the last few years, giving marketers plenty of chances to reach a wide audience. 

Businesses can pay for pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads, they can commission shoutouts from large creators and they can even create their own podcasts. In much the same way blogs can, podcasts can showcase a brand’s expertise in their given industry. Not only are you making content that lots of people will consume, keeping your name on the tip of their tongue, but they are learning just how good you are at your craft. 

Live streaming

Live streaming is considered the best way to connect with your audience, by laying absolutely everything down on the table. There are no edits, so if you say or do something stupid, it stays with you. Far from putting people off, it creates an air of authenticity. 

But live streaming can be more than just a kid in his gamer seat gabbing about the latest thing. With tools like OTT, you can create a high-quality program that is being streamed to people all around the world. It opens a range of new genres, all centered around the idea of “if you miss it, you’ve missed it,” which creates a sense of urgency in a loyal fanbase.

Affiliate blogging

An affiliate blog is a great way to make a steady income for a few hours work. If you have a blog already, it’s easy to sign up for a few affiliate marketing programs and incorporate links into your work, or you can entirely set up a new affiliate blog based around the concept of showing your audience the best products and brands you can find on the internet. 

If you have a product, you’re looking to get out there, there are lots of creators and influencers out there who are willing to take a commission for showcasing your products. It’s a good way to reach a dedicated audience who is looking at this influencer and thinking “They’re like me, so if it worked for them, it’ll work for me.”

Social media marketing pointers:

Things have changed over the past few years when it comes to social media marketing. Users now expect a lot from marketing content, for one thing. Due to the fact that they can identify, and swipe past, marketing content at a glance, the point of social media marketing has shifted from grabbing attention, to holding attention. This means quality content. 

And that doesn’t mean buying the best camera, but instead offering something worth watching as a concept. Don’t hit them with the product and list its benefits, or if you do, at least tap into #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. No, instead showcase your brand, your team, your products. Tap into trends. Ask for reviews and encourage responses. Look at genres of the internet and see where your product could fit in, like offering snacks you sell to Mukbang YouTubers, or cleaning products to #oddlysatisfying TikToks which features before and afters of messy situations. 

And remember that your users want to trust you, and that means getting to know you. They want to relate to your team, so create content around their personalities, or any fun elements about your workplace, like tattoo studios that show off their alternative and highly stylish interior design choices.