Advanced SEO strategies to improve rankings

For most companies, a good SEO strategy is essential to achieve their business objectives. Local searches represent 35% of all searches, according to the studies. Search engines often adjust their search algorithms and their interest in other areas of the website. Those make the challenges faced by SEO managers more complicated.

If you focus correctly on your SEO activities, your website can become famous and retain a high rank on the search engines. If you want to achieve success, you can consider the following SEO strategies.

1 Perform Competitor Analysis  

Thorough research and analysis of the market competitors are one of the most effective SEO tactics that can help your rankings. The first move is clearly to recognize the main rivals through business, region, keywords or any other considerations. 

A thorough review allows you to identify places where the opponent fails and in which you can potentially experience vulnerabilities.  

2 Analysis of keywords

The study of the keywords used by the rivals is utterly critical among the most crucial considerations for successful SEO. Through resources like KeySearch, Moz Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner or other keywords, you can find keywords which your competitor might use and which you can use for yourself. 

3 Analysis of link building

Link-building is another crucial SEO factor in boosting the SERP ranking of a site. Check the origins and the anchor text to decide whether you succeed on this front. To increase the views of the blog, you must have backlinks. If you want to go deeper into this topic, look into these SEO link building tools that are bound to improve your metrics with an effective on- and off-site link building strategy.

4 Review of content

Check your competitors’ sites for their content. Keep a tab on how many occasions they posted new materials, how long is the blog post duration, how do they arrange the content. If your rival does well in search rankings, you may attain success by following those activities.

5 Smartly build links 

Start with primary ties, such as trustworthy folders. Check for connections at authority pages in your business. If you have questions with local searches, search for links from trusted sites in your area. To identify the links you may still get, evaluate the links of your competitors. Create fantastic contents and utilize social networking to create visibility and connection regularly.  

6 Use secure HTTP

Moving to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure for encryption has several advantages: 

  • Privacy and Security:
    The risk of interference or disruption from third parties is significantly reduced by obtaining interaction between users and your servers. It leads both your users and web browsers to greater confidence. Many of which may show warnings when users are navigating to non-HTTPS sites.
  • Upgraded Ranking:
    Because of your increasing confidence, most sites which transition to HTTPS can expect their search rankings to increase slightly. More references and traffic over time are expected because Google will most probably recommend safe sites for search results.
    It would help if you assumed that your website could fall into your search results output directly after you turn to HTTPS. It is because your base URL is changed. This dip, however, will be short-lived and you should see your grade recover or even improve quickly.

7 Improve Page Speed 

With growing speeds of the internet, website efficiency demands from everyday users are often rising. A study by Adobe shows that almost 40 % of users will leave a website if it takes too much time to load. 

Fortunately, you can do a lot to increase the load time, most of which can be carried out smoothly. Use high image compression to reduce your load time significantly. You can even access your global content with a content delivery network ( CDN) without purchasing your home server. 

8 Improve Voice Search

It is a good idea to integrate better voice search functionality as part of your efforts to optimize for mobile devices. The primary aim of focusing on voice search is to be treated as a source for a “featured Fragment,” as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa interpret the details received from such sources. 

9 Make your content unique.

It is essential to all, but for online retailers, it is a particular challenge. Write your product reviews and create web sites that obscure the market by using the keyword quest you used previously. Above all, quality content is an excellent way to get links.  

10 Launch a blog and join with other blogs in connection

Search engines, in particular Google, love new content blogs and highly-structured data. There is no better way to join talks about your industry and company which are already successful. You can also improve your exposure and get new links when reading and commenting on other blogs. 

11 Adjust the traffic sources 

Newsletters and other subscription material will help you hold traffic in the line independent of what search engines say. Many of the DOs on this list are, creating great content, launching a forum, social media, and searching locally. It will help you to create a community of loyal prospects and customers who can help you survive search engine whims. 

12 Utilize local search opportunities

Optimize the local traffic on your site by prominently displaying your address and local telephone number. Write a detailed instructions page using neighbourhoods and points of reference in the text of the page. Send your site to the free local search engine listing services available. Encourage users to leave business reviews of your organization on these platforms.  


Businesses are becoming increasingly aware that search engine optimization ( SEO) has to be understood and implemented. There is still a lot of speculation regarding SEO techniques and methods with little exposure to high-level consultancy and little familiarity of what SEO services can be trusted. If your business has a visual dimension, attach good quality photography photographs to the related Flickr network. Quora and Yahoo Answers can put you as an authority in your industry if you are a service-oriented enterprise. The companies should use Twitter and Facebook because social information and signals are used as part of Google and Bing search engine rankings. Be an active and active website member, and The rule is not to disturb potential customers.

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Pragnesh Tavadia, CEO at MeraSEO which is a Digital Marketing Company based out of Mumbai. Having served a vast number of clients in these past eight years. His experience and certifications enable him to have good knowledge of SEO, SMO, SEM, Web Design, Business, Digital Marketing and related.