A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Natural Backlink Profile

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Natural Backlink Profile

Ideally, a natural backlink profile should create itself, well, naturally. You publish top-notch content relevant to your niche. Other blogs and sites see how the articles perform and mention them in their guides and other posts as a reference. You get decent backlinks, jumping higher in the ranking.

Most site owners like to speed the process up. It’s OK to do that with white-hat SEO and great content, but you need to make it look as organic as possible.

Google is training its AI to recognize the value of a web source without taking much into account, but backlinks are still considered quite important. At least monitoring your profile and removing spammy links should be in your basic check-up.

We’ll help you build a natural portfolio with diverse links that will promote your site and help it rank higher.

Don’t Try to Get Backlinks Only from Highly-Ranked Pages

Let’s say you have amazing niche-specific content. Do you think only websites with a high Domain Authority and PageRank would mention it on their pages?

Of course, no.

Many sites lower and newer than yours would use it to build trust and provide interesting facts to their audience. So, to make the portfolio diverse, allow various websites to refer to your articles, use infographics with a backlink, etc.

This will prove your credibility across the Web.

Use Various Anchors

When you plan to publish guest posts, choose diverse anchors. If all mentions contain the same words, it’s obvious that you’re manipulating the portfolio to gain an advantage. For more usefulness and effectiveness, choose:

  • Niche words;
  • Key phrases that describe the page you’re promoting;
  • The name of your website;
  • The name of your product and/or service;
  • Anchors like “click here”, “find out more here”, etc.

This approach will make every guest publication readable and your backlink a true native advertisement.

Promote Much More Than the Main Page

The inner pages of the website also need attention. backlinks only to the homepage look suspicious. Search engines should see that various pages are gaining interest. This is especially important if you have a blog.

Every post needs attention and promotion for its focus keyword. Some will turn up in the TOP-3, while others may be chosen as answers in the ‘People Also Ask’ section. Both outcomes are great.

Never Fall for Spam Links

It’s super easy to get a spam link. Submitting your site is enough. But this action will only make your domain fall in rankings. Temptations are strong, especially for new website owners that want quick jumps to the TOP-10 on a focus SERP.

When you check price of link building, don’t try to find the cheapest option. It won’t lead to positive results but may turn into a penalty from Google. It’s possible to remove it, but the amount of time and effort you’ll need to spend to at least get back where you started is enormous.

Keep the Pace Steady When Growing Your Profile

Build steadily, gaining several decent backlinks a month. If your content is of high quality, the website will gain links on its own, in addition to your manual actions. The least recommended thing is to storm all the blogs online and ask them to post a link to your homepage ASAP.

Besides, the number of links doesn’t really matter anymore. You can get 100 ‘meh’ mentions from poor-quality blogs and gain zero benefits. But one carefully built native advertisement with a linked mention will go a long way.

Focus on Several Backlink Types

We all know that editorial links are the best. But they shouldn’t be your only focus, just like websites with a high rating. Try to get all kinds of linked references:

  • From badges and awards;
  • From sidebars;
  • ‘TOP-X’ articles;
  • Social media, etc.

These will diversify the profile and make sure search engines see you as a credible source. Besides, you can manage social media backlinks yourself by updating them on Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms.

Analyzing Backlink Profile Is the Best Way to Prevent Problems

Whether you’re upscaling, doing a routine check, or getting ready to sell your website (saleslovesmarketing.co tells you how to do this), keep your backlink profile neat. It’s not that difficult to analyze the profile. However, you should have a specialist responsible for this task.

In case you find a portion of spammy links (there may be thousands if your domain somehow appears on one of them), you can disavow the whole domain responsible for the damage. For that, update the Disavow file in Google Search Console.

Build links carefully and at a steady pace. Don’t try to reach #1 in SERPs overnight. This is impossible unless Oprah recommends you on her show. Otherwise, search engines will consider you a manipulator and may remove the domain from the ratings at all until you clean up the mess.