A Guide to Improve Pay Per Click Marketing ROI

A Guide to Improve Pay Per Click Marketing ROI

ROI stands for “Return of Investment” and that’s one of the core measure to identify the success of a business model. A lot of businesses and digital marketers invest in PPC but don’t work towards improving Pay Per Click marketing ROI at all.

It is a crucial aspect overlooked by new digital marketers as well as seasoned ones. First, we will have a quick recap of Pay Per Click marketing & how it works. Then we will discuss how you can make the PPC ROI better than before. 

Without any further ado, let’s get into it!

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”.

The name is pretty much self-explanatory. In Pay Per Click marketing, a business, or a digital marketer precisely, pays a little fee whenever someone clicks on their link. 

This can be considered as indirectly buying traffic or visitors to your website rather than trying to beat the competitors using organic methods like SEO.

The most popular form of PPC is Google search engine. Advertisers such as businesses or marketers bid for ad placement on the search engine. The ads are targeted around keywords. Whenever someone search the exact keyword or any relevant keyword then the ad/link shows up on top of the page.

Although the page shows a bold “Ad” tag, it can work for you if you have strong, attention capturing Meta description. 

Whenever someone clicks the Ad, you pay a little fee to Google for that. So it is a very budget-friendly and efficient marketing method. You only pay for the traffic you get from the ad.

The Return of Investment (RoI) from PPC is good. For example, if you are spending only $1.5 per click, and you successfully make a sale of $150 through it, you’re profiting almost 1000%.

It is obvious that not every single visitor would do business with you. So what you pay for those clicks wouldn’t generate you any direct profit at all. 

There are ways to improve ROI and we’re about to unveil all of them below. 

How to Improve Pay Per Click Marketing RoI

If you have just bid for a keyword and you have left it all up on the will of Google to place and rank your ad link, then you’re not doing it right. 

You may be able to generate revenue or get some return of investment through the ad but there ways to improve that. 

Below are few of the best methods for improving RoI on your Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. 

  1. Adding Keywords to the Ad Copy

Marketers often knowingly or unknowingly ignore the fact their ad copy is missing a keyword. 

It is recommended, we would even say needed, to add a keyword in the ad copy. It can help you capture the reader’s attention quickly. That is because the user would be looking for something very specific, and if they see it on top, they are more likely to click your ad link and consider doing business with you. 

You can also highlight the keyword depending on the ad format. The easiest methods to make the keyword standout is by bolding it or capitalizing it.

  1. Improving the Quality Score

This is a crucial thing for the marketers using Google Adwords. The rank of your ad depends on the quality score of your content. 

The quality score depends on how good your content is and how many visitors you get. So it is recommended to curate content considering what your visitors want and how much value it adds. 

Just like everyone else, Google loves making money and ranks successful ads above and ads with better scores get ranked higher. 

Make sure to check the quality score of your content and Ad through Google Adwords before you finalize the Pay Per Click marketing campaign. 

Other than that, keep track of how your Ads are performing and improve it time-to-time. 

  1. Utilize Negative Keywords

One of the very useful yet overlooked things in Pay Per Click marketing is using negative keywords. 

The name might sound repelling to people who are not aware of the concept but familiar for the people being in the digital marketing industry for a while now. 

Using negative keywords can help you narrow down the target audience that sees your ad. For example, if you’re offering something very high-quality, you’d can use economical, cheap, budget-friendly and other similar words as negative keywords. 

Google wouldn’t show your ad to people who are searching for the knock-offs or cheap quality things. It is that simple! 

  1. Run Multiple Highly Targeted PPC Campaigns

What many people do is that they create just one Pay Per Click marketing campaign that targets a wide audience. 

In simpler words, it is a recipe for disaster and inefficient RoI. If your target audience for the ad is not properly defined and is a general audience, then you will have a hard time generating leads. 

What you have to do is that you have to create multiple campaigns instead of one. Each of your Pay Per Click marketing campaign having a precise, narrowed down audience. 

It will surely increase your return of investment as only the people highly interested in your services or products only. 

If you do that, you will be spending lesser on Pay Per Click by this as well. 

  1. Custom Landing Pages

To our last tip for today, we will talk over how the page where the ad leads to can help you out. 

It is recommended to always create custom landing pages for your PPC marketing campaign. Directing a visitor to the homepage or service page might not work every time. 

You can create a custom landing page that directs the visitor to a short video or a visual of what they clicked on your link for. It is an easy way to capture attention and engage the visitor as well. 

Ending Note

We hope you learned how to improve Pay Per Click marketing RoI. You have to keep all of these things mind, create extra-ordinary content and you’re all set to skyrocket your business to newer heights. 

So what are you waiting for? Follow all these tips and start improving your PPC marketing RoI today! 

Author Bio

Alice Sophia is passionate about digital marketing and often writes on related topics to help the newbies in the digital marketing. She works for a well-known Hong Kong B2B marketplace and loves to practice ukulele in free time.