A complete guideabout display ads for digital marketers

A complete guideabout display ads for digital marketers

Digital advertising is now becoming a critical component of current marketing tactics, and it should be a part of yours as well. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, properly integrating digital advertisements will help you build your digital presence and, as a result, nurture more conversions and sales. Digital advertisements provide your firm with greater visibility than ever before, allowing you to reach a considerably larger audience. Every visual ad that anyone views while surfing the web or scrolling through the smartphone app of a social networking site has passed through a lengthy design process, original refining, audience targeting, and/or automated ad exchange bidding just to get in front of their eyes. When text-based ads aren’t enough to convey your marketing message, consider using display advertising. Whether you’re marketing a seasonal sale or collecting signups, display advertising allows you to swiftly share data with your core demographic. Display advertising may also be a fantastic complement to your content if you’re proactive and selective about your marketing campaigns and who you collaborate with for display advertising.

By 2022, digital ad spending is predicted to exceed $225 million as more enterprises turn to digital advertising as a cost-effective way to attract new customers, raise brand awareness, and increase profits. 

But what are display ads? Why is it so beneficial? 

If you are looking for the answers to the above questions, then this blog is for you.

In this blog, you will find an in-depth guide to display ads! So, let’s get started! 

But, firstly,

Display advertising: what & why?

A means of enticing the audience of a website, social media site, or other digital medium to execute a certain action is display advertising. These are usually text-based, image-based, or video advertisements that encourage users to visit a landing page and take measures. The majority of display and online advertising campaigns are priced per click (PPC). That is, you will be charged an additional amount on your total bid price every time a user on a search engine clicks on your ad. Marketers employ display advertisements to promote brand recognition, specific items, promotional deals, applications, information, and services along the buyer’s journey. Static, animated, or video-based graphics are all options. 

Moving on, let’s check!

When Should You Use Display Ads?

A few of the reasons for using display ads are:

  • You can convince consumers to visit a landing page with PPC advertisements, effectively raising brand recognition and, perhaps, persuading them to take the next step. These ads assist target people who are most relevant to the organisation and boost your digital presence when they are put on the right platforms. Finally, these adverts provide valuable information and facilitate retargeting.
  • Developing a brand and ensuring top-of-mind recognition.
  • As it works for hand in hand to push people to become your client, display advertising is the acceptable alternative to any digital marketing approach. Take display advertising and PPC advertising together: people who conduct a search relevant to a display ad see a 59 percent increase in conversions.
  • Providing a lead magnet to generate leads.
  • We believe that consumers need to see information about an organization 10 times prior to taking any action to discover more. While they’re online, display advertising allows you to get your company’s name – and logo – next to them.
  • Using retargeting to re-engage abandoned users/customers.
  • You are no longer limited by a user’s chosen form of social media or email provider while using display advertising. In essence, your brand may reach customers wherever they are seeking for goods, activities, news, or suggestions on the internet. Furthermore, the Google Display Network alone has the ability to reach up to 92 percent of all internet users worldwide. With display advertising, you’re better likely to reach more customers than practically any other online or offline format, whether you’re utilising Google or another demand-side platform.
  • The most effective marketing methods reach individuals regardless of where they spend their time online. Many marketing techniques are centered on a single channel — Facebook ads are on Facebook, paid search ads are on search engines, and so on. Display advertising, on the other hand, can reach individuals on their mobile devices, on nearly any website they visit, and on social media. 
  • Taking leads through the buyer journey and nurturing them.

Types of display ads!

There are numerous sorts of display advertising, which we’ll go over in more detail below. The ideal type for you is determined by the channel or platform you use for your adverts.

  • Google display ads – Advertisements that are run through Google’s AdWords network are referred to as Google display advertising. The Google AdWords package comprises over 650,000 apps and 2 million websites.
  • Mobile display ads – Ads that display on mobile devices are referred to as mobile display advertising. Although smartphones are the most well-known mobile device, advertisers also develop ads for tablets, iPods, eReaders, and many more. 
  • Banner ads – Banner ads are straightforward general awareness adverts that you may use to promote your brand and familiarise visitors with your company.

As you have seen, the types and benefits of display ads. Now, it’s time to discuss,

Top tips for successful display ads!

There are several factors to consider in addition to making display advertising successful for your company. The following are the most crucial components of a successful display ad campaign. So, have a look!

  • Use rich visuals – Display advertising incorporating rich media elements, such as video, music, or other creative aspects, encourages visitors to engage with and communicate with your adverts. Rich media is an excellent approach to make your commercials stand out because it has been proved to capture viewer attention. Rich media advertising had a higher level of interaction (16.2%) than static banners, according to eMarketer research. 
  • Optimize campaign as per mobile devices – It has to be a focus to optimize and personalize display advertising for mobile. Successful display campaigns are designed to function across platforms and are timed to capitalize on shifting consumer behaviors. For example, increasing weekends mobile ad spend. In addition to developing for mobile, marketers should not be afraid to employ the same strategies, methods, and technologies that they would for desktop. Successful display campaigns are mobile-friendly and incorporate interesting aspects just like their desktop equivalents.
  • Create a landing page – Any digital marketing campaign’s primary purpose is to produce leads and sales. Make sure that you hire best web development company so that landing pages you’re referring to areas are well-thought-out and optimized, in addition to an attention-grabbing display that motivates viewers to take action. Give your display ad a visual and informational connection, so they feel like they’ve landed in a comfortable area and have a cause to stay on your website and check around. 
  • Test your ads campaign – The significance of ads measurement cannot be overstated. You can find, optimize, and serve the most successful ads to your target audience by A/B testing alternative ad styles. CTAs, pictures, and ad copy can all be A/B tested, but only one element should be tested for each A/B test. It’s critical to set aside time during your campaign to assess whether your efforts are paying off. Make sure you have useful and appropriate in place from the start of your campaigns, as well as KPIs to measure against. Views, reach, click-through rate and conversion rate are among them. 


While many advertisers believe display advertising is no more successful, they can still help you achieve your objectives. Indeed, when used in conjunction with other marketing endeavors, it has the potential to improve the effectiveness of such activities. When it comes to accomplishing clients online and increasing brand awareness, using display ads for your business is a requirement. You can utilize display advertising to improve your business and turn more online surfers into consumers if you have the correct marketing strategy in place.