increase your saas product sales

9 Actionable Ways to Increase Your SaaS Product Sales

Do you want to boost the sales for your Software as a Service (SaaS)? 

Here’s the thing: The SaaS industry has a predicted global revenue of $113.1 billion this year. Without a doubt, the opportunity is massive, and this is the perfect time to seize that. Otherwise, you are missing out on making your SaaS business grow. 

Nonetheless, the SaaS industry is a highly competitive marketplace. Therefore, there may be other SaaS companies wanting to attract your target users. 

That’s why, if you want to work on your SaaS sales, you should create a unique value proposition. You should also be applying the best strategies to grow your current customer base. 

After all, there’s no point in selling a software product or service if you couldn’t make money out of it. 

In this post, you will discover ten actionable ways on how you can boost your SaaS product sales: 

Allow Users to Use a Free Trial

Offering a free trial is one of the best ways you can sell your SaaS products. 

After your launch, you should keep your free sign-ups and provide a free trial period. As much as possible, do not place restrictions on the functionalities. Nonetheless, keep your free trial period short. 

You should also never force your visitors to sign up using their credit card details. Get rid of all credit card information on the sign-up form. 

The likelihood of losing sign-ups and conversions is high. Simply because prospects won’t be interested in sharing payment details at this stage. 

Focus on Design and User Engagement

Most of your site visitors will prefer simple, professional-looking, and soothing-colored UIs. Otherwise, visitors won’t find anything interesting from your site and leave and abandon their carts. 

So, come up with a simple web design for your online store and integrate three-click rules. 

Using these three-click rules makes it a lot more accessible for your visitors to find the right place in just three clicks. You can use relevant and high-resolution imagery to make it easier to understand and clearer. 

Also, come up with killer and catchy headings, and well as compelling call-to-actions (CTAs).

Your product should also be fully responsive. That’s because approximately 60% of users today are using their smartphones. 

That said, utilize a multilingual feature and make loading pages faster. Doing so ensures that you are keeping your SaaS users engaged, helping you boost your revenues. 

Cite Your Application Software in Blog Posts

Blogging is another excellent growth strategy that helps you improve brand awareness. 

It allows you to create and develop helpful content which connects and resonates with your readers. 

Here are the other benefits of blogging:

  • Blogging is a low-cost strategy
  • It helps drive organic traffic and boost your SEO rankings
  • Generate leads
  • Enhance direct sales
  • Create a community made up of a loyal audience and attracting potential clients
  • Encourage high-quality inbound links
  • Build your brand authority
  • Blogging is an ideal medium for sharing in-depth materials.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best SaaS strategies out there. That’s because influencers have the power to drive targeted traffic on your site and product pages. It also brings in more leads and sales. 

In the same way, influencer marketing is vital as it’s equivalent to modern word-of-mouth marketing. Modern-day consumers will always trust the recommendations of credible people. Meaning, buyers trust influencers. 

Usually, influencers have a better understanding of customers’ needs. As such, they can help you get your message across.

Most influencers have already built long-term relationships, allowing them to gain their trust. That’s why investing in influential marketing is essential.

But more than that, you should check whether these influencers interact with their followers. Engagement is better than follower count, after all.

Use this strategy as an excellent tool to scale your SaaS business. 

Reduce Churn the Right Way

As a SaaS company, you also need to track your churn rates. Churn rates are defined as the percentage of customers who decide they want to leave your product in a specific period. 

A decreased churn rate means that you have a valuable product, and you have a high lifetime value (LTV). 

When it comes to discussing sales performance, you shouldn’t take churn for granted and measure it at a time that will fit you best. 

Go After Competitors’ Branded Keywords in PPC

A great tactic for driving quick awareness to your SaaS and increasing sales is to come up in search results for your competitors’ branded searches. For example, you could go after a branded search for “Basecamp” if you were a competing project management software like TeamWork. This PPC tip is considered to be middle of the funnel and can attract potential buyers who are familiar with your competitors but not you. A good add-on tactic to this strategy is to create versus landing pages where you compare your competitors’ features side-by-side with yours to show why you are a better SaaS option.

A/B Test Key Pages

In the same way, you should also do regular A/B tests for all your primary and high-traffic pages. 

There are free, handy tools that you can use, like Google Analytics. This tool can help you monitor all your existing and new users’ activity. Set your funnels, and look for any leak points on your page so that you can modify them accordingly. 

Driving tons of traffic via paid promotions and marketing is easier but costly. Instead, you can go with regular testing and analysis of your pages to optimize sales. 

Conduct Short Hyper-Focused Product Demos

One of the biggest mistakes start-ups make is pitch their products in long, incredibly drawn-out product demos. 

Rather than piquing the interest of viewers, they do mundane training sessions that bore viewers. 

Your product demos should provide your viewers a clear and concise idea of why they should get your product in the first place. 

Demos make selling SaaS, or a product or service, much more accessible. 

Invest in SEO and SMO

Investing in both SEO and SMO allows you to boost your SaaS product sales. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in bringing in visitors and prospects via keywords. This means that you’re giving your SaaS a chance to appear on relevant search terms. And if your SaaS is a mobile app, you should also consider App Store Optimization (ASO). 

Social Media Optimization (SMO), on the other hand, will help you reach millions of users on the internet. Work on your engagement on popular social networks. This can include having an engaging Instagram page, active Facebook group, or a popular Twitter account.

You can also run social media ads, although it can be costly. So, consider your budget first.

Stay Updated

Innovation is the very core of the SaaS industry. That’s why you and your customer reps should be able to successfully demonstrate a desire for learning and adapt quickly to change. 

The more fluent you and your team are with the latest trends and technology, the better. 

As mentioned earlier, there is fierce competition in the SaaS industry. Things can move forward and quickly. Use these tactics to help you boost your SaaS product sales. Hopefully, this will help you move your sales rates forward, raising your revenues in the process.