8 Tips to Write Excellent Product Descriptions That Sell

With the advent of information technology and the World Wide Web, perhaps the most significant influence and the impact it delivered was through trade and commerce. The world became intact with various firms, organizations, companies, and institutions trying to sell out their products and services online. Today we live in a clustered environment on the virtual realm where every page, domain, and website is loaded with advertisements posted here and there, probing you to make a decision. Statistics show that with a world population of about 7.7 billion people, by 2019 the number of buyers on the internet is going to increase up to 1.92 billion buyers. The world of eCommerce has expanded and grown to such a big chunk, that this year sales through the electronic medium are expected to account for 13.7% of the total value of retail sales worldwide. That is $3.453 trillion from a total of $26.29 trillion. Hence as a marketer and business person, you need to deliver to survive the present-day competition that is progressively getting more challenging with time. Product descriptions are quite an excellent way these days to get the word out for your company and its offered products or services. Research shows that 88% of all buyers heavily based their decision on a product description that is accurate and meaningful. It is why in this post we would like to offer you some great advice as to how you can deliver product descriptions to their maximum potential and thus increase your conversion ration commendably.

Let’s take a look at these eight best ways to write product descriptions:


The Buyer Is Your Main Goal


If you haven’t heard of customer journey mapping, then it is high time to get started on one anytime soon. Without a customer persona that is well-researched with valuable insights, you will naturally fail to create the allure needed to capture their attention. Research has shown that companies that deploy such maps end up increasing their total revenues by 350% and also see an increment of 24% in positive referrals from clients through social media shares. We know that the space allocated to you doesn’t grant you much to play with, but that is where you can make all the difference. In that limited space, you need to deliver a punch that can shake-up the customer and make them drag their mouse to the ‘order now’ link. All of this can only happen if your product description speaks in an appealing tone to your directed audience in a personalized manner that is different from others.


Benefits Always Excite Us


Now we know that this may sound too mundane, but by the end of the day, all we need is a solution to our problems. Whether it is a detergent, medicine, food item, apparel, or any electronic gadget, they are all merely tools that resolve our needs and desires. However, what gets us excited still to this day are those extra benefits that make you believe that for a specific price tag, an offer can be a great bargain. So skip the details and jump right into how your product can find the perfect solution to the pain points of customers. These are the benefits which they are searching for. It is not merely your product description as in specs or model type; in fact, it has to be directed more towards what is in for them. Once you offer them solutions which they are seeking through their lens, then that mix becomes likely to be labelled as unbeatable. 


Remove All That Fluff!


While you may have noticed at times that people around us get stuck for words in a conversation, and they end up repeating phrases like “yeah…yeah” or “yes…yes.” You will be surprised to know that this problem exists for writers as well. And during those times we usually end up writing the most ineffective and useless material to complete our requirements. Phrases like “impeccable product quality,” “the leading solution provider,” and so on. It is all fluff English, to be honest, and has absolutely no room to be in your product descriptions. Nobody wants to read them as they have been tried and tested way past their threshold limits long ago. Our minds have already gone through these selected words and phrases over a billion times over, and so they hold no value to us no matter how many times they are repeated. Hence what you need to do is to use accurate words that offer you surgical precision into defining what you mean actually. Call it accuracy, correctness, exactness, truthfulness; it is all the same.


Mitigating Your Claims


A lot of people out there love to claim things that their product is the best, top of the line, and a hot item that sells like an addiction. However, they fail to realize how easy it is for the rest of us to do the same as well. It is precisely why, when writing product descriptions for Amazon, the top sellers always share proof and justification for their claims. They offer you scientific evidence, fast and undeniable facts, that are further supported with factual information. Infotainment is by far the most addictive of all types of entertainment these days. What your product description needs are research and valid truths to assist you in making those scrupulous claims. You can’t hide behind big words now, so back it up with R&D from your company and get as much product knowledge as possible. It will help you to deliver those power statements which are required in your descriptions.


They Should Be Able to Feel It


Psychologists have long stated that the mind has the power to feel and experience things from afar. Our imagination is a powerful tool which is why through your creative and illustrious product descriptions, a customer can feel the product in their hands. It is an angle which seldom know off and very few have delivered over the past millennium. However, we still have a memory of some of the most iconic advertisements that we have seen during our childhood. The reason is the impact which they made by connecting with us on a somewhat spiritual level. If you can connect your description with the minds of the people and how they perceive the world around them, then there is no doubt that the next icon is you. The room for exploration and discovery will always be there. So try and put your effort to make your imagination count and connect with people in such a way that your description becomes irresistible.      


Slice of Life Breaks Barriers


We all know that a sales job in any department, industry, trade, or major field of work is always cutthroat, mechanically instigated, and downright cold-blooded. However, in this overload of robotic expressions, repeated information, and monotony, a slice of life can be like a fresh breeze of air. Hence for your next product description try adding a heartwarming story of a client that found your product to be quite explicit in resolving their issues. Moreover, you can share exciting events that have occurred around the product and resulted in success. It will not only make your description different from the rest, granting it a distinct appeal, but also make it sound more human and heartfelt in the end. We are humans, after all, living in this age of steel and cold technology, at times, what we need is the warmth of another to stir us up and make us feel good.


Evocative & Seducing


Sex sells! No question about it, no denying it, it’s natural, you cannot merely run away from it. There is no arguing the fact that over the years, seductive content does arouse our senses and diverts our attention towards itself. However, as the world is becoming more educated and informed, we are evolving into a much more mature audience and able to identify our wrongs and misdoings. Therefore companies like Green & Black (chocolate manufacturers) use suggestive words to entice their audience towards their product without any use or hint towards profanity. It is all in the signals that you give and the subliminal messaging that counts and delivers the word around all corners. You approach indirectly, like a small wink that only the smartest and the intelligent could grasp. However, there is a double edge here where you don’t want your audience to miss the hint completely. Hence you need to make sure that all such mentions are revised multiple times to generate desired results form a diverse audience. 


Share Your Triumphs


Now, this may sound cruel to some, but even small business enterprises these days are progressing at a fast pace. What people need to do is mention their milestones, success stories, and professional triumphs more often. It makes the customer involved with who you are and what you have achieved so far. Thus these references ask them in an encouraging and inviting manner to become part of your success story and the bigger picture. 

That concludes our list for the eight best ways through which you can deliver product descriptions to sell out your inventory. We hope this post was able to offer you some tremendous insights for you to try out in your next online marketing campaign. For more questions regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know of your feedback in the comment section below.