8 Great Techniques to Effectively Market Your SaaS Startup on Social Media

If you want to try marketing your SaaS, then promoting it on social media should be part of your strategy. 

Social media is just one channel in which you can connect with your target market. You can use it for both marketing and customer service initiatives. 

Social media marketing is all about posting, liking, commenting, and sharing on various social media platforms. Apart from that, it also includes reporting and tracking. 

Social media marketers also utilize social media marketing tools that let you keep track of the number of shares, followers, and likes you receive, as well as the total number of click-throughs that your website is earning. 

Create visual content

You need visual content if you want to engage people on social media. The number of social media marketers that are using visuals is growing each year. 

You can start by crafting original graphics like infographics- which is engaging and informative at the same time. After all, visuals tend to drive the highest amount of engagement on social media. 

The era of text is dying – online as well as offline. Taking over its place is visual content. Text-based content will always play an integral part in marketing, but to set yourself apart and to attract and retain the attention of your audience, visual content must play a pivotal role in all your efforts. This comprehensive guide includes a list of all types of visual content that you can use in your blog post to make them more engaging and valuable.

Leverage Facebook retargeting

Not everyone who lands on your page will convert. Some people will just browse through your products and services and leave for no reason. 

Some even consider purchasing your products and change their minds at the last minute. 

The introduction of Facebook retargeting has helped change this game. It lets you re-engage with people who have shown interest in your services and products before. For instance, you could retarget those people who have abandoned your site through ads that offer free trials. 

Have excellent social customer support

People expect to get instant support on social media. Therefore, if you want to grow your SaaS business, you need to focus on improving the quality of customer support that you provide on these social media channels. 

Keep track of your direct messages regularly, and instantly answer customer queries. Your goal here is the reduce the trouble people have to go through to get information and improve their overall experience in interacting with your business. This will help you improve your customer retention rate. 

Build trust using user-generated content

If you want to gain the trust of your prospects, recommendations from others, such as in the form of user-generated content, can be a highly effective form of social proof

Social media is a great platform in which you can showcase these recommendations. This could be in the form of customer stories, testimonials, reviews, brand mentions, and so much more. 

The idea here is to establish trust among users that are checking out your profile. Also, by sharing your previous customers’ stories and reviews, it could make them feel trusted and valued as well. 

Work with relevant influencers

Influencer marketing is all about working with individuals who have a significant amount of following in their respective industries or fields. 

It has been proven to be highly effective, in establishing rapport and winning the trust of potential customers, compelling them to make a purchase. 

Create smart ads

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to social media ads. But generally, you need to decide how to run your ads strategy, by using best practices like how you could create compelling call-to-action, or use high-contrast colors in those ads!

Also, decide what’s the right social media platform for you when publishing these ads, and think about your target market. Are they more active on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? You only to make ads for channels where it makes sense. 

Focus on providing value

Give your brand more value by posting helpful content. After all, this is what SaaS marketing is all about in the first place. You need to create brand experiences in social media so that you’ll create a positive impact on your followers.

Think about the pain points the average user might have, better yet ask them. Do a survey or a poll on Facebook. Try to answer these questions and give solutions as much as possible with your content. You could also use these posts to link your blog. 

Show behind the scenes to humanize your brand

Placing a little behind the scenes action is a great way to humanize your brand. So whether you want to do simple Q&As, employee takeovers, spotlights, or just want to state fun facts about your company, it helps your audience to know your brand just a little bit better. As a result, it makes you more relatable to them.

This helps you form meaningful connections with your audience. 

Over to You

Your SaaS marketing strategy shouldn’t just be focused on converting prospective leads into sales. You need to have a marketing plan that’s not only focused on entertaining and educating your followers, but you also need to drive real traffic with intent. People like people and not brands and companies. 

About the Author

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a SaaS Marketing Agency based in New York. He helps people promote their SaaS business by creating digital marketing, demand and lead generation, content, and web design and strategies.