8 Digital Skills That Can Help You Get Promoted

8 Digital Skills That Can Help You Get Promoted

Fierce competition is what defines the modern world today. Brands compete all the time striving to grow revenue, get new customers, and reach record sales. They look for the ways to offer new features to their customers while leaving their competitors behind. Also, firms compete for professionals hunting them and making better job offers.

At the same time, people are trained to compete everywhere – at school, college, workplace, and even at home. We always look for ways to prove that we are better, faster, and more self-motivated than others. We try to show that we are capable of achieving heights and that we deserve all the best.

For many people, their success at work defines how they think of themselves and perceive the world. This connection makes promotions a necessary step towards self-actualization. Getting promoted also fulfills one’s ambition to occupy a managerial role and grow professionally.

However, today being good at what you do is not enough to get promoted. You should be able to foresee future trends and technological changes and be proactive. Most of these changes are related to digital transformation and advancement.

In other words, if you want to be promoted, being a professional and getting professional help from a topresumereviews are no longer enough. Employers seek an employee with profound digital skills to meet future needs and always be one step ahead.

If you wonder what you need to get promoted, we invite you to read ahead what skills are in demand.

Programming and Web Development

Whatever your profession is, if you can code, you’ll get promoted. Companies need specialists who can speed up processes. Nowadays the main means for it is developing and implementing automated solutions. You don’t need to excel in coding, but you should be able to create a simple program to ease manual work.

At the same time, knowledge of app and web development would also be a plus for every professional, tech or not. The world is getting digital, so to land a job, you should always go the extra mile. If you invest in your career this way, the employer will be more interested in promoting you.

Digital Business Analysis

To get promoted, an employee should be able to make the right decisions based on independent and objective arguments. These opinions should be backed by analytical work. The analytics is created using various software.

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So, to get better at what you do and become recognized by the management, you should be able to read and use the internal data about business and finance. This is only possible if you have the skills needed for digital business analysis.

Data Science

At the same time, businesses collect lots of external data which serves to learn more about clients and target them better. These flows of information are huge. So, to handle this endless amount of data and actually make it work for the business, companies need data scientists.

Ideally, these professionals should be able to both read data and use their analytical expertise and field knowledge. Those are essential to apply the findings. To cut it short, only those professionals will get promoted who can collect data and make sense of it.

Data Visualization

Another skill that will make your promotion or job application stand out is data visualization. No one gets what you want to say fully if you don’t picture it. To do that, you have to visualize complex data so that everyone can see the trend and make informed decisions.

Professionals with work experience in digital design and data visualization are needed at every company. In most cases, promotion goes to an applicant whose resume lists such software as Tableau and Power BI.

Digital Project Management

Project management is not only about timely and cost-effective completion of project milestones. It’s also about building, managing, and organizing teamwork. However, it’s a bit different when a digital project is at stake.

Digital project management is essential today because lots of teams are dispersed in time and space. Agile or other methodologies let team leaders overcome these obstacles.

A good SCRUM master with digital project management skills can solve numerous issues. They resolve problems, answer questions, and improve the flow of work before any issue gets escalated. This is the aim you should be pursuing in your work as well.

Digital Product Management

More and more products and services become provided either online or in a digital form. So, the need for people with digital product management skills is growing. If you count on a promotion or becoming employed, we’d recommend you focus on this qualification.

Digital products and services have its lifecycle, and it is quite different from the one existing for tangible goods. Thus, if you intend to grow professionally and become more integral to the tech sector, the digital product management skill set is a must.

Digital Marketing

Not every employee is obliged to be a great marketer. Yet, sooner or later, every product or service gets marketed and advertised. 

Thus, every professional who wants to get promoted should know how marketing is done and what technologies it involves. Moreover, they should be good at analytics tools and UI/UX to understand the needs of clients and search engine algorithms.

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It’s indeed helpful when a product owner or product developer speaks the same language as marketers. When specialists communicate with digital marketers, it definitely helps promote products and services.

Social Media

Social media goes separately from digital marketing because it is not only about advertising and product placement. It’s about brand awareness and community building. Social media helps to develop a direct connection with real users of a product or service.

A professional whose accomplishments at work deserve a promotion should never ignore customers’ feedback. Positive or negative, it can only be collected through social media. After all, the way one treats criticism and responds to it defines whether they deserve the promotion.

Final Words

This list of digital skills can go on and on. The skills may vary from one profession to another. Yet, those mentioned above are the most common. Having access to and using those career resources, you can count on the promotion.

However, that does not mean that getting a promotion should be the final point in your digital learning. You should look for new knowledge to develop and grow. The technological world is advancing so fast that being a top candidate today does not mean getting more interviews tomorrow.