8 Digital Marketing Tips Most People Don’t Know About

There are far too many digital marketing tips online that claim to promote your business.

Many promise to enhance your SEO, while others swear to deliver new traffic. Yet what about those that lie under the radar that can make a significant impact?

This article offers 8 business insights that will boost your digital marketing strategy.

Read on to optimize your digital marketing funnel and learn the top tips that most businesses don’t know exist or are under utilizing.

1. Google Posts and Free Digital Marketing Services

Google My Business is one of Google’s free digital marketing services designed to help you promote your brand online. But did you know that it’s more than just a simple listing?

GMB offers a feature called Posts.

Posts enable you to share information directly on Google Search to engage with potential customers. You can reach a new and existing audience by posting:

  • Upcoming events
  • Full stories about your business including a cover page
  • YouTube video of your products and premises
  • Customer polls

Create a new post by first verifying your GMB account. Visit http://posts.google.com/author then click on Publish on Google. Choose a category, enter the content, and your post goes live.

Posts remain on Google Search for 7-14 days so always keep your content relative.

2. AI Content Creation Tools

Google’s guidelines clearly push quality content over quantity. It is one of the reasons why most businesses refuse to include AI-generated blogs.

However, the state of AI generation tools has changed significantly, especially with the launch of Copysmith.

Copysmith produces AI-written content for all types of web pages. From product updates to landing pages, the quality often matches human levels.

The service also adapts to your site’s writing style.

It examines your edits and refinements and learns from past mistakes. That means it mimics your current content when producing new information. It even works with batch updates and integrates with your existing workflow.

3. Google Analytics Internal Insights

Google Analytics allows you to record visitor numbers as they enter and interact with your website. Yet millions of business site owners aren’t aware of its Internal Insights feature.

Internal Insights helps you track internal links and optimize your digital marketing funnel.

Navigate to your Analytics dashboard and click on Audience then Users Flow. You can then track the different pages your customers visited. You can also see their journey through the curved gray lines interface.

Try to spot any problem areas using this tool.

For example, red lines show where a user dropped out. Ensure that these pages work correctly and fix them if they don’t.

4. Google My Business Insights

Ever wondered how many people discover and interact with your Google My Business listing?

Google My Business Insights allows you to explore this behind-the-scenes data. You need to log in to your GMB account dashboard to access statistics like:

  • Number of direct queries
  • Call clicks
  • Visited website clicks
  • Search phrases used to find you

This essential data often gets overlooked by business owners too concerned with their website stats. However, GMB is the perfect SEO tool because it’s free and appears instantly throughout Google’s services.

If you still feel like it’s a burden to check this data manually then why not take advantage of Pocket Insights?

Their email service automatically sends your GMB Insights directly to your inbox. You can then scan them when you check your mail. That means no hassle when accessing all the facts.

5. Delete Outdated Content

A lot of SEO tipsters promote a content-led digital marketing strategy. They say to add fresh content on a regular basis because Google loves new information.

This tip suggests the opposite.

Instead of creating new content this week evaluate what’s already there.

The process is called content pruning and sounds scary. Why would you remove content that Google’s already indexed? Surely you don’t want to screw around with those pages?

Remember that Google hates to promote incorrect information to its users.

If your text relates to older technology that’s now superseded it’s time to prune it. Or remove the references for upcoming events in 2018.

You don’t need to completely delete the pages, just cull unnecessary information or update it.

And if you do delete the entire page, remember to create a 301 redirect to a similar URL.

6. Google Search Site Operator

Ever used the Advanced Search option for Google Search?

One tip for all web users is the site: operator. By entering site:www.yoursite.com followed by a keyword, you can limit all your searches for that domain.

How does this help your digital marketing strategy? Simple. It lets you see what pages Google has indexed from your site.

This helps you identify what URLs are in Google Search and what’s not. You can also check your keywords list to see what pages rank the highest. From there, you can edit any issues that you identify to improve your SEO.

7. Facebook Lookalike Audiences

A Facebook Lookalike Audience lets you reach new users who share similar traits to your existing customer base.

You select a source audience by pulling information from your existing fans, mobile app, and pixel data. Facebook identifies qualities that are common to those groups like demographics and interests. They then deliver your advert to a new audience based on these results.

Lookalike Audiences can vary in size and you choose the market you want to reach.

The source group must contain at least one hundred users. But you can create up to five hundred Lookalike Audiences from that single source!

8. Core Web Vitals Digital Marketing Strategy

The final marketing tip is to optimize your website for Core Web Vitals.

2020 saw the introduction of this Google-led initiative to quantify good-quality websites. The metric will become a prominent part of Google Search this year and covers:

  • Largest Contentful Print (LCP)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • First Input Delay (FID)

These all relate to how quickly your site loads and becomes usable, especially on a mobile device.

Be sure to audit your existing pages by using Google’s Lighthouse tools. Then check your Analytics account as the metrics will display there too.

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These top 8 digital marketing tips will improve your site’s performance and help to boost its Google ranking. You’ll see new traffic visit your website that generic advice won’t attract.

Don’t forget to track those visits, especially via your Google My Business account. That way, you can tweak your listing to ensure you always see the best results.

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