8 Chatbot Marketing Tactics That Will Drive Sales to your business

Like all things, support is expected to work instantly. Businesses employ AI and bots to make that happen. Using chatbots helps you with marketing efforts. You can learn more about the different types of chatbots on this site.

The use of such tools for marketing and support is pretty much the norm for any online businesses operating today. 

There are like tons of tactics within the space of Chatbot marketing, a new term in the AI era. It gives a definitive edge over your competitors.

 In terms of business, it drives more leads which in turn convert into sales. In this post, we will discuss the 8 Chatbot marketing tactics that will drive sales to your business. 

Gain customer insights

Every customer data is worth in gold in modern-day business. Knowing a little more about your customers helps boost sales figures. 

You can use chatbots to conduct impulsive polls and surveys from your customers. You get customer engagement without much actual effort. You can have a look at what people want in terms of products and services.

 You can as well engagement customers with chatbots in your Facebook pages too. A classic example will be H&M using a quiz to get to know about customer preferences. With inputs from the customer’s journey, they can prop up products. 

Faster payment processing

Another huge advantage Chatbot brings to the table is faster payments. When people checkout from e-commerce stores, a website can collect payments within the Chatbot itself. 

It’s an easier way to check out, especially for mobile traffic. PayPal allows tons of different codes to make payments happen at the comfort of chatbots.

The parallel sales funnel of Chatbot marketing isn’t complete without in-built payment processing options. Also, they provide fast answers to frequently asked billing and payment-related questions, besides providing consistent interactions with customers. 

Drive-in returning customers

Chatbots can certainly be used to generate repeat customers. Businesses offer to provide follow-up on orders, much to the customer’s liking. 

The customer gets constant updates via social media channels on product tracking, delivery status, etc… Simply put, they help customers keep up to date on the orders.

Few weeks after the product is shipped and delivered, they ask customers to review the product or service.

Eventually, they recommend customers to buy their newly released products and services. When you have an e-commerce product or low-cost SaaS, this tactic works like a charm. 

Provide 24×7 supports

Websites use chatbots to provide round the clock help and support. People tend to use chatbots as much phone or email. 

The customer issues are resolved swiftly via chatbots rather contact forms. The days of raising tickets and following up on tracking numbers are over.  

Chatbots pull solutions from frequently asked questions and collective knowledgebase. It can direct customers to live chat agents if issues are still not resolved. Rather than throwing helpful articles, bots can provide more engaging and interactive options.

 Visitors can be notified on important changes and updates on the website, to improve customer experience. 

Use Facebook plugins

Facebook, the largest social media platform is a pioneer in everything digital. Chatbot marketing is no exception to that. 

They have developed a couple of plugins which helps business direct customers to chatbots. It helps initiate a conversation with Chatbot directly on the website or on fob messenger. Firstly, the ‘Message us‘ plugin drives customers to messenger, who in turn notifies the bot. 

without providing any information; the potential customer can connect with Chatbot right away. Secondly, the ‘send to messenger‘ plugin mandates visitors to confirm their accounts before connecting with chatbots.

 Here, the Chatbot gathers information about customers thereby having a tailor-made interaction with the user. It helps Chatbot to provide personalized products and services, upsell the customers and promote newer products straightaway. 

Market your Chatbot

Nothing works better than transparency in marketing. Let the customer know the story behind Chatbot marketing campaigns.

 Explain the purpose of the Chatbot and highlight its features. Importantly, market the Chatbot on Google and other search engines.

 Build a successful landing page that explains how the Chatbot operates. Let the visitors understand how they can use Chatbot to their advantage. Add in a ‘get in touch’ button to enable visitors to directly interact with the Chatbot. This actionable tactic improves the visibility and effectiveness of chatbots. 

If you want to learn more tips on how to market your chatbot that will drive sales no matter what industry you are in, check out this article on Chatbot Marketing Tactics

Focus on Instant Messaging apps

Any marketing campaign isn’t going to be successful without any integration with popular communication tools. 

Brand and businesses must extend Chatbot support till Instant Messengers platforms like Telegram, Skype and WeChat, etc… Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Slack should be addressed too. Stores such as Bot List sells app-specific bots that help connect with your possible customer base quite intrusively. Seeking all the promotional tools from the extensive catalogue is crucial in the Chatbot marketing frontier. 

Provide useful and relevant information

A bot is a tool programmed to do a custom task. Nevertheless, the challenge of building a Chatbot is conversational rather than a technical one. 

The key is to understand the interactions the customers are already having with the brand. There is no one fit all solution available in this space. 

Any brand or business should customize its Chatbot as much to address all possible interactions with the customer. The focus should be on interaction speed which immensely impacts conversions and sales. 

Summing it up…

These are only some of the tactics you can use to drive sales to your business. Chatbots are a great way to engage and segment your visitors. With payments faster within the chat, a business can close in on the sale. 

It provides VIP treatment to every visitor on the site. You can promote products in the form of personalized recommendations. 

There are tons of different chatbots which prove effective in Chatbot marketing. It runs a parallel yet integrated, marketing and sales funnel within any e-commerce store. The bottom line is there is a larger scope for chatbots in years to come.

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