7 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

7 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

Twitter has transformed the way we access real-time information. It was initially designed for individuals to share news bites and succinct versions of their thoughts and ideas. Over the years, it has become a platform people use to discover something new and see what’s happening in the world, and has become an integral part of how brands communicate with their audiences.

To help businesses and nonprofits utilize one of the most widely-used social media tools, Don’t Panic has put together some dos and don’ts on how to communicate on Twitter as well as Twitter best practices for brands and nonprofits.

One common challenge for social media marketers is the pace—not only is it tough to stay on top of a consistent posting schedule, but social platforms seem to announce new features or changes every other week. It’s almost impossible for the stretched-thin marketer to keep up.

Fortunately, marketers can lean on subject matter experts who readily offer up their hard-earned advice, all in 140 characters or less. When it comes to stepping up your social media game, it only makes sense to turn to the platforms themselves for guidance.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to round up some of the top influencers on Twitter who serve up their expertise on a daily basis. So, whether you’re looking for inspiration, relevant industry news, or even a laugh, peruse the list below and give them a follow.

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Ann Handley When it comes right down to it, what determines great social posts? Great content, of course. And writing guru Ann Handley’s Twitter account is rife with fantastic tips on taking your content marketing to the next level. The renowned author of “Everybody Writes” serves up a mix of writing advice, a helpful weekly #SocialSkim of the top marketing news, and a touch of humour to keep you entertained as well as informed. […]