7 Mistakes to Avoid When Contacting Websites for Backlinks

Optimizing a website is not an easy job. SEO marketers constantly work on strategies to get a higher rank on SERP, and one such effective strategy for ranking a website is through backlinks. 

A backlink is a link that directs visitors from another site to your website. Some backlinks are obtained organically, which means a website will link your content (blog URL) in one of their blogs for further reading. Whereas, others are obtained by writing guest posts (free or paid), sharing infographic, etc.

If you’re planning to get targeted backlinks with high domain authority sites, then you need to create engaging content, preferably with an infographic or go the paid route.

Backlinks and collaborations can come in many ways and terms, either way, a background check can be crucial. It’s important to evaluate whether the site is relevant and effective to the link profile, we are trying to create. Linkinaction.com comes in handy when you want to get an indication of whether the collaboration is worthwhile or less. It’s a free link analyzer, that produces a performance report detailing how much traffic there is, ranking trends, DA, PA, social presence and more. These data points will give you a much clearer view regarding the audience and the SEO value of the site you’re considering working with.

Why Are Backlinks Important For SEO?

Backlinks are a lucrative way to promote your website or business. If you make a single investment, you could gain thousands of visitors which could convert into sales. Also, increased traffic on the site will boost your site’s ranking on search engines.

When you receive a backlink from a high-ranking website, it also gives more credibility and domain authority to your site as Google considers a high number of referring domains while ranking a particular website. 

The more backlinks your site has, the better the chances that it will rank higher in the SERP. Publishing and high traffic sites receive a lot of emails from sites looking for backlinks. So, do your research – beginning with understanding different backlink analysis metrics – before pitching a website for a backlink. 

Mistakes to Avoid When You Contact Websites for Backlinks

1. Content Should Not Be Promotional

While backlinks are a form of self-promotion, refrain from creating overly promotional content. When your article includes countless links, it creates a bad impression. Too many links also take away the value of your content. So, focus on writing content that engages and informs the readers.

When you pitch your content to a publishing site, the prime focus should be on the customer experience and not your agenda. Publishers look for content-driven articles and not a sales pitch. Also, focus on the customers’ pain points & offer a solution while naturally including your site’s link in the article.

2. Don’t Negotiate the Price 

Most blogs advertise a specific price for publishing your content on their website. Other websites welcome free content (guest posts) and provide a backlink as a ‘thank you’. For those websites that charge a flat fee, don’t negotiate the price. 

You can ask for a small discount if it is appropriate, which can also be declined depending on the site. 

3. Word Count 

Another important guideline is the word count of articles.According to updated Google data, 2000 to 2400 words is the ideal content length to boost ranking and SEO as they provide value to readers. 

However, even posts with a word count of 500 to 1500 have plenty of readers who prefer short, concise, and to-the-point article. So, depending on the content length requirement of a website, submit your article accordingly.

4. Guest Post Guidelines

The guidelines that bloggers have for guest posts are there for a reason. If the website you’re pitching to has specific criteria for content, then you need to follow the rule because if you don’t, they may reject your article.

Read the guidelines before you start writing. The most common guidelines for articles include – length of the article, bio, headshot, format, images, linking practices, and the whole submission process. Some sites also adhere to a particular layout, so you will need to follow that too. 

5. Pitching to Irrelevant Websites 

When you pitch to a website that is not relevant to your niche, it won’t serve any purpose. You need to research websites that will add value to your site as pitching to irrelevant websites will get you a backlink, but it might affect your site’s credibility in the long run.

Without research, it will appear as if you have mass emailed a list of websites for accepting guest posts. This may lead to websites making your email domain as spam. So, avoid this mistake at all costs when contacting a website for a backlink.

6. Don’t Add Too Many Links 

You need to follow the rule of one article=one backlink. If you pitch your article to a publishing website, most allow a single backlink to a page on your website. 

Don’t use four to five backlinks on your article as that would affect the credibility and authority of your content. 

Also, the backlink of your website should be included in a natural and meaningful way or else it will be ignored by the publisher. 

7. Incoherent Emails 

If you’re excited about a new opportunity to post on a blogger’s site, you need to start with the right mail. 

Keep your email short and to-the-point. Avoid overly long emails that only talk about how privileged you are feeling if they would publish your article.

Long emails annoy bloggers, and the intent of your message may get lost. So, just mail a short synopsis of your business along with the blog topic, which would get you a reply if the blogger is interested.

Wrapping up, 

Never submit duplicate content to a website for publication. This will be a turn-off and show a lack of credibility. The content you submit should be 100 percent unique and written specifically for the site’s target audience. Also, include relevant links from the website in your article.

When it comes to search engine optimization, backlinks play a major role as it helps you to boost your website’s ranking and traffic. Backlinks are the best way to increase brand visibility without having to spend a fortune. You won’t get a response from every blogger you pitch, but you will hear from a handful of them. 

So, get started with your research and ensure that you stay away from these mistakes.