7 Digital Marketing Myths

Metrics, analytics, ROI.

These are what digital marketing was built on, but what if the reports that you’re using to make marketing decisions are no longer valid? I think that the only thing that moves faster, in digital marketing, than new technologies is the way that technology is used. What used to be considered common knowledge, in many instances is no longer relevant.

To clear things up we’re going to review The 7 Digital Marketing Myths!

Myth #1: High Bounce Rates Are Bad

Ok, this one isn’t completely a myth, but it does need some clarification. It used to be that people would look at their overall bounce rate and panic. Bounce rate really needs to be looked at on a page-by-page basis. If you’re just looking at your site’s bounce rate from the Google Analytics overview report, you have to remember that this is taking into account all of the pages within your website. This is including pages like blog posts and landing pages. It’s normal to have near 100% bounce rate on blog posts and landing pages. So, if your site has a large number of blog posts and landing pages, then it’s going to skew your overall bounce rate numbers.

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Photo by Simon Hattinga Verschure on Unsplash