6 Tips to Increase Your Amazon Sales

So you’ve put in all the grunt work.

You sourced your product. You purchased a big quantity.

Maybe you even negotiated an exclusivity contract with a brand.

But your sales ranks are stagnating.

Your average sales rank is stuck in the mid-20000s, while similar products are in the triple digits.

So what gives? How can you increase your sales when the market’s clearly there?

In this article, we’re going to dive into 6 tips and tricks to improve your rank. So let’s get started!

1 Leverage Amazon Advertising

Uh oh, I used the A word. Advertising.

That must mean you need a huge budget, right? Nope!

Actually, we’d recommend starting off super small.

In fact, try even a $5 budget if your item is cheap enough. Let an auto campaign run with a super low cost per click.

See if it catches any converting keywords. Isolate those in a campaign, rinse and repeat.

You may find that there’s quite a few lower-competition keywords that are gold mines for your listing. The more you find, the more cheap paid sales you can generate.

And Amazon’s sales rank algorithm favors more sales, so keep paid orders coming in and organic ones will follow!

2 Keep Low Competition Items in Stock

A second way to increase your Amazon sales is to stay in stock. With higher-velocity items, stockout rates can severely limit your sales.

We recommend using an Amazon product updater to track and automate your purchase orders. (disclosure – I’m the co-founder of Sellonaut)

You can set filter criteria such as inventory levels below a certain threshold, with a rank less than, say, 25,000. Then you’ll get email alerts whenever it’s time for a restock.

3 Update Your Description

If you have a high velocity item with a poor description, chances are you can massively improve the sales by adding detail.

We’ve all seen them: ASINs with decent sales ranks and no product details.

Or no product description.

Take an hour or so and make a keyword-rich, highly informative product description. It doesn’t need to be super long, just enough for your potential buyers to understand the product a bit more.

Then, if there aren’t any decent images, take the time to make some nice, white background images.

You should see a decent lift in conversion rates for that SKU, thus leading to some much needed sales.

4 Leverage A+ Content

If you’re a brand owner or an authorized representative of the brand you’re selling, you can leverage A+ Content.

You’ve probably seen A+ Content on Amazon listings such as this. It’s the beautiful image-rich descriptions that your buyers are looking for.

A+ Content greatly lifts conversion rates, as long as it’s done right. If you can take some nice images of your product — ideally lifestyle photos — you should see a decent uptick in conversion rates.

5 Add Review Follow Ups

If your SKUs are suffering from low review-itis (trust me, I have a serious case of this condition), then you’re probably in need of some review follow ups.

Set the targeting to around 3 days after your buyers receive their product.

Request a review in the nicest way possible, and be sure to ask for feedback of any type.

Definitely do not ask for specifically positive reviews – this is against Amazon’s incentivized review policy.

You should see a small percentage increase in review rate, which in turn will increase conversions over time.

6 Run Some Discounts

If all else fails, you can always run some discounts. Here’s a few tips on landing some extra paid sales, which should bring an organic ranking boost:

7 Try a Lightning Deal

While it may be a bit costly, a correctly-timed Lightning Deal can prove wonders for a stagnant ASIN.

Just make sure you’ve got enough stock level to handle it, and deal away!

Make sure to make your discount good enough that it really entices customers to buy. There’s quite a bit of competition in the Lightning Deal tab.

Additionally, make sure you aren’t running one too early – we’d recommend at least 50 reviews on your product before considering one.

 Leverage Facebook

Facebook Ads can also provide some cheap clicks – as long as you’ve got your audience down.

Offer up a discount code to some Facebook audiences. Test, improve, and repeat.

Try this method out with campaigns as low as $1 per ad set per day – this will allow you to really get the most out of your testing, without blowing through massive amounts of budget.

Then, scale up the winners!

Try Amazon Coupons

Ever seen those little green badges in Amazon searches?

Those are coupons.

Sellers can leverage coupons to get a nice bit of a ranking boost. From our experience, they tend to increase clickthrough rates.

And as long as your listing conversion rate is high, but your traffic is low, you may see a decent boost from coupons.

Try running a coupon for a week or so. The discount doesn’t need to be too high – just enough to stay a bit competitive.

You may be surprised by the results.

We hope these tips helped you get the most out of your Amazon products, and hopefully, increase your sales by a good volume! Marketing the right way to the right customers will prove to be crucial in your Amazon business – whether you’re a reseller or a brand owner.