6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

It’s a well-known fact that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build your brand name and reach your target customers. One form of content marketing that is growing significantly is video marketing. According to reports, it has been found that 83% of marketers prefer using this form of media, as it performs the success and greater video marketing effectiveness. The video marketing benefits are just too many to ignore. This article will discuss why your business may need to embrace this dynamic form of marketing and expression.

Why Do Businesses Need Video Marketing?

Today, this form of media has become one of the most profitable and versatile digital marketing tools in the market. Here are some top reasons for video marketing importance.

  1. YouTube and Google Love Videos

Google’s recent algorithm has transformed the search landscaped. The search result will now prioritize unique and rich content on top of the search results. Experts state that any content of this type has 50% more chances of landing on the first page of the search result than a website with no videos.

After Google announced the acquisition of YouTube, it should not surprise that this type of content is getting more favors than others. For every embedded video in your website, you will have a longer shelf-life, thereby increasing the drive for leads in the future. If you create original and unique content on YouTube, you automatically become a part of the second largest search engine. Google will ensure to reward you if you embed content on YouTube.

Additionally, it has been found that more than 88% of videos in the search results of Google are found on YouTube as well. The estimated revenue of YouTube is $20 billion per year. Therefore, it is easy to see why Google loves YouTube so much and why you need video in your video marketing strategy.

  1. Authenticity

Of course, your brand is not just a strategy sitting on a piece of paper. You need to work on it to bring it to life. By adding such content, you will be able to generate the pulse for your brand. This content can do things that plain and simple texts cannot. It can build an authentic, trustworthy, and instant interaction with your audiences, which can further provide feedback or react in real-time to your content.

When you are narrating a story, people will listen. With the help of strategic video marketing content, you will trigger emotions and tie these powerful feelings into specific actions. These emotions will then enhance the retention rate.

Apart from moving your target audience, stories will also move your products. For the best impact, you need to see and hear the story. These emotional connections will increase your Return on Investment (ROI) and improve audience engagement. Dynamic stories break down complex emotions and present them in exciting and digestible pieces. Videos will also add new dimensions to your story and enhance the narrative.

Approximately 91% of consumers are more likely to watch a video to check for authenticity before sharing the brand with their family and friends. Additionally, 62% of the viewers will likely purchase from a brand that expresses itself as authentically as it can.

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  1. Drive From Engagement To Traffic

A well-thought video marketing and business plan will increase organic traffic, which is the largest driver of visitors for any online brand. This content can increase the organic traffic by 157% from the search engine result pages (SERPs). This will also lower the bounce rate of your website, which will increase the quality of the website for Google’s stats.

The question is how do you reduce the bounce rate? This can simply be done by engaging your visitors and keeping them on your website for longer. As we already know, such content can easily engage your audiences. According to research, it has been found that people tend to spend 2.5 times more on a page that has videos than those without.

Additional studies have shown that social videos can quickly generate approximately 1200% more shares than images and text content combined. Facebook videos have been known to increase engagement by at least 33%. In terms of traffic, embedded content in websites can increase traffic by 55% with ease.

  1. Conversions and Selling

If your video marketing ideas are great, they will be engaging, entertaining, and will convert leads. It has been estimated that having video content on your landing pages will increase the conversion rates by 80%. Video content provides flexibility, importance, and value that the customers are looking for. You should not make such content for your website and business strategy simply because it is trendy and fun. This content helps your customers understand and know the information about your business.

It has been found that a properly made video marketing guide will leverage and grow your sales by roughly 50%. Additionally, most marketers believe that video content will work at the top and bottom of the purchase funnel.

  1. Videos Appeal To Mobile Users

There is no doubt that mobile and videos go hand-in-hand. Nearly 90% of consumers watch such content on their mobile devices. Views via mobile devices have only increased from 2013. YouTube reports that consumption via mobile devices increases by 100% each year. Since people are always on the move and the phenomenal growth of the smartphone market, video views on mobile devices are simply getting bigger.

According to Google, smartphone users are more likely to sense a personal connection to brands that show ads and video content on their mobile devices than desktop and TV viewers. It only means that brands will have to modify their video marketing blog and content to be delivered to audiences that prefer using their smartphones and provide better experiences.

For instance, there is a 100 kr gratis offer, promoted by a Swedish company through video marketing. It’s only a straightforward example of how this content can be leveraged in any industry.

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  1. Video Encourages Social Shares

Approximately 60% of social marketers used such content for marketing in 2017, and the number increased to 73% in 2018. Social media channels also use video marketing for social media with new features. For instance, Facebook has launched several features for such content as 360° Video, Live stream, etc. Then, Instagram has Instagram stories and 60-second posts, Twitter has Periscope, etc.

In terms of social media, marketers share emotions rather than facts. Almost 70% of users have mentioned that they would share a video with their family and friends if the video was entertaining. Therefore, you must create such entertaining content as this will encourage shares on various social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Many undeniable video marketing facts only assert the importance of this type of content marketing. While text and image marketing is essential as well, video marketing is fast catching up. Therefore, it is more vital that you use such content to increase and build your brand name and reach your target audience.

Would you add anything else? Let us know in the comments!

Chris Delgado (Author)

Chris is a seasoned online marketing manager who currently works as a consultant for major companies. He lives in California with his wife and two children.

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