6 Niche Products to Sell on Amazon in 2020

Amazon is an every growing eCommerce platform that has been giving ample opportunities for sellers to expand their business. There are plenty of benefits for listing your products on the Amazon where millions of customers make their purchase. 

“There are more than 120 million products listed on Amazon by different sellers, and it becomes important to choose your product niche wisely to reap better benefits.”

However, you need to take care of plenty of things when it comes to starting up as an Amazon seller. Selecting the right product is the first and foremost decision that you need to make in order to ensure your success. And there are several things that go into choosing the product for your Amazon product listing.

Factors Affecting the Selection of Niche Products on Amazon

Product niche for your Amazon business is the most crucial decision that you need to make in the process of setting up Amazon business. When it comes to selecting the product, there are plenty of factors that play an essential role in making it accessible among the customers-:

  • Specific Target and Resource Allocation: When you start an Amazon business, you need to start by targeting a small customer base.   You would not want to target everything at once and bear the negative outcomes. Hence, choosing a product that addresses to a small customer base is the stepping to success.
  • Communicate with Potential Customer: When you are selecting a niche product, you must focus that it communicates and connects with your potential customer that you have targeted. Your product should rightly address to your targeted audiences’ concern that will help in making your product a hit in the market.
  • Rely on Market Research: You cannot go forward without the support of proper research. Whether it is to find a target audience or the perfect product, you need to put in some extensive research before reaching to a conclusion. 
  • Characteristics of Product: When you are selecting the ideal niche prouct for your business, it is essential to dig into the characteristics of that particular product and ascertain whether they met your customer requirements. From high quality, to low prices, make sure that your niche product fits into your customers’ requirements. 

Trending Niche Product on Amazon For 2020

Every year a niche product would be popular on Amazon depending on its purchase rate and customer response. One of the common question that Amazon sellers struggle with is “how to find niche product” on Amazon to bring more productivity. While there are plenty of apps that can help you make a better decision regarding the selection of niche products, initially, you need to do your own research and dig in some valuable products. 

If you are also looking to set up your Amazon business soon, here are a few trending niche products that you can think about this year-:


One of the top-selling categories on Amazon is toys and games, and surprisingly, children make the most of the consumer market. When it comes to toys, lego toys are one of the preferred choice for many sellers. If you are also thinking to step into toys and games category, you can always take lego toys into consideration.


Over the past few years, gadgets have been the hot products in the market. From smartphones to cameras, electronics have remained in high demand. Smart home systems have been a popular choice of electronics for quite some time now. Alexa garners the top charts of electronics on Amazon. You can always think about selling Alexa that are currently high in-demand. 

Self-Help Books

Books are man’s best friend, and they can never go out of trend. If you are looking for a promising niche product to sell on Amazon, you can always think about books. From business people to students, everyone today is searching for a little inspiration. There’s no better way than self-help books to boost morale and confidence. You can think about starting your Amazon business by selling self-help books. 

Minimalist Jewelry

The best thing about online shopping is that the customer gets everything from the comforts of their home. Customers love to purchase jewellery online and what’s more trustworthy than Amazon. People are preferring minimalist jewellery over the gaudy ones. From sleek rings to a sophisticated pendant, you can add minimalist jewellery into your Amazon seller business. 

Gardening and Environment

People are engaging more and more into gardening and maintaining the environment. Hence, gardening equipment is so popular on Amazon. From pruning scissors, hoses, to pest traps, all the products related to gardening can be used as an ideal niche product to sell on Amazon. It is important to understand that this one of the crucial product categories, as customers also prefer to go for local suppliers than online sellers. So you need to follow the trend and choose the product accordingly. 

Organic Food

It was not long ago when people started prioritizing organic living. They have been searching for organic food items to enhance their lifestyle. You can tap into this need and start your Amazon business with organic food items such as detox products, organic teas, macronutrients, etc. This product category is high in demand, and several sellers have been making a high profit out of it. You can also try your hand in this to reap adequate benefits. 

Fitness Products

Contributing to a healthy lifestyle, fitness equipment is also in demand. From treadmills to yoga mats, you can choose anything related to fitness niche to set up your Amazon business. You need to look into your competitors as well in order to determine the right type of product for better benefit. It is also essential to follow the current trend in the market and prioritize customer preference as well. 

Once you select the niche product you want to sell, ensure the success of your Amazon business with tools such as Helium 10. This software contains multiple Amazon seller tools to help you find high-ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, & optimize product listings. These types of tools will help answer questions such as, “Who’s my target audience? Is this item selling? Is there money in this category?” It has everything you need in an integrated set of advanced tools to source, create, and maintain successful and profitable listings on Amazon. Not only does a tool like this help you start your online business, but it will also help you run and grow it with ease.

The Bottom Line

The success of an Amazon seller business starts with selecting the right product that can bring more productivity. You need to take several factors into consideration while selecting your ideal product. There are plenty of tools and apps that can help you make a better decision in terms of selecting the right product.

Choosing niche products are the sure shot way to tap into the demand of a select group of customer that can bring assured success to your Amazon business. The above mentioned were some of the popular niche product that you can sell on Amazon in 2020.