6 Must-Have Features in Your Localization Solution

6 Must-Have Features in Your Localization Solution

Having the right tools in your localization solution would not just make your life easier but also ensure the successful execution of your localization strategy. A localization system will save a lot of time and make your translation tasks hassle-free. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you should have a professional localization tool in place to achieve your business expansion goals.

Not all localization solutions are the same; every solution has its own perks and benefits, and based on your unique business needs; you can pick your perfect solution. While choosing your localization system, you have to consider the tools and technologies being offered in that solution and how they can help you with your localization projects. Based on your project scope and other business considerations, you must use a professional and reliable solution for localization projects. If you are willing to expand your business, then read this article to know about the top 6 must-have tools in your localization system to achieve seamless localization.

What Tools to Look for In Localization Solution? 

There are some tools you should be looking for in your localization system to ensure continuous localization. So, you better not make any costly mistakes and carefully choose your localization management system.

Translation Memory 

You must have this tool added to your localization system to generate quality translations. Translation memory is a useful tool that uses advanced AI technology to store all previously approved translations and use them as a guide to translate content in the future. The more you use this tool, it will make your system wiser and efficient. Your old work is recycled to generate new translations, which saves a lot of time and enables you to complete your translation projects on time. This tool also ensures that whatever you translate is in context, and you are not losing track of the original intent of the text being translated.

Quality Assurance System 

While picking any localization system, you must acquire the quality assurance system that it uses. The quality assurance processes that your system follows have a huge impact on the translation quality it produces. Some systems also allow you to customers your quality assurance processes based on your requirements. It means, it is up to your choice whether you want to add an extra step for proofreading and editing, or just want a translation.

Progress Tracking Tool 

Professional localization solutions provide you with regular progress reporting regularly. It allows you to get an idea about the overall growth of a localization project. Having a progress tracking tool in your localization system would enable you to make timely improvements in the project and enhance the quality over time. Only the employees or team members, who have the authority, can access these progress reports.

Smart Search Feature 

Whether you are a business selling some products, an LSP offering localization services, or an individual translator, by the time the demand for translations would grow. You have to manage the volume of translations in various languages that takes a lot of time and effort. A localization system that contains a smart search function would make file management even easier for you. You can conveniently search for files and documents in your system and save your time. With this tool, you can easily find the information that you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Cloud-Based System 

The best thing about having a cloud-based localization system is that you don’t have to download or install anything. It is a quite useful tool for a business that has employees working at remote locations. Moreover, This feature would allow them to access the system from any device. With a cloud-based system, you can easily collaborate with your multilingual teams working in different time zones.

There will be no need to manually fill information on spreadsheets. It also reduces the need for sending emails for communication, as all of your information is centralized at one place accessible to all authorized team members.

Advanced Communication Support 

Effective communication plays a major role in achieving hassle-free continuous localization. Your localization system should provide seamless communication between team members and clients to promote better collaboration on day-to-day tasks. It is a valuable tool, especially if you have people working from remote locations. Rather than communicating through emails, your localization management solution should provide a more responsive means of communication. Some localization management systems also have a built-in chatting feature for effective communication between all stakeholders.

Final Words!

To successfully execute your business expansion strategy, you should have a reliable localization system to automate your workflows, promote effective communication, improve translation quality, save more time, track progress, etc. While choosing your localization management system, you should make sure that it is interactive and easy to use because you want to enhance your team’s performance, not put them into trouble. You can easily find a professional cloud-based localization solution online by doing some research. Make sure your solutions contain all the above-mentioned features to make your localization experience seamless and hassle-free. Read More