6 Fool-Proof Social Media Marketing Strategies

6 Fool-Proof Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is a vital part of staying on top of the online market competition. However, many companies have misleading perceptions on how to use social media platforms to improve their online campaigns. 

When we talk about social media marketing, what comes to mind first is the way to get more people to like or follow your page. Some may think that it is about getting high engagement on your Facebook or LinkedIn ads, but it certainly is more than that.

No matter how many online users are following your page or interacting with your posts, it will never guarantee that these metrics convert into earnings. It is the very reason that some companies fail when it comes to social media marketing. 

The goal is not just to get people to see your brand. It is important, yes, but the real goal is to encourage them to support your business. While social media marketing has a lot of potential in terms of moving people, it is often wasted due to ineffective strategies. 

Today, we will share with you some strategies that will surely help in your online marketing campaign, whether you are trying to focus on brand awareness, retention or promotions.

Personalise Your Approach

You probably have heard of this strategy before, and trust us when we say that this is an old but gold strategy that you can apply in social media marketing. Consumers love it when they feel valued. Moreover, they are too used to hearing “sales talk” that it may not work to your advantage anymore.

In every step of your social media marketing plan, make sure that you are giving way to personalisation. Try to study your target market’s behaviour, personality, interests and opinions about the current social issues. From there, you can tailor your content in such a way that it will either get their attention or drive them to act. 

In most cases, you must go for the latter. Telling relatable stories with an indirect call to action can pique people’s interest, and encourage them to act is one of the best ways to personalise your approach.

Use Chatbots

Chatbots help in effective social media management when you cannot monitor your pages 24/7

Unless you have the ability to attend to thousands of queries 24/7, you will need the help of chatbots. One of the promising USPs of social media marketing is that the consumers are now allowed to direct their concerns to a company. Moreover, most of the platforms, like Facebook for marketing, actually encourage the company or foundation to interact with their target audience. Since communication is more transparent today, your customers expect you to respond promptly and chatbots are the best way to do it.

Far from the automatic reply we used to see on old social media chat boxes, chatbots are now designed to be very helpful in assisting customers while you are away. You can now customize your responses and even redirect your customers to certain pages they are looking for.

Invest in Brand Ambassadors

Social media is not just a place for meeting and interacting with other people virtually. It is also a home for celebrities and influencers. Hence, it is always a good idea to get a brand ambassador for your social media marketing plan. Celebrities and influencers use social media to voice out their opinions about many things. Thus, you can easily find the right ambassador for your brand based on their stand about your product or service. Remember that when persuasion is on the line, “who says it” always matters.

Create a Variety of Content

Don’t settle for the same content just because it’s gaining engagements at the moment. People get tired of seeing the same post over and over again. Try to make a plan for your content for the whole year. Matching your content on important occasions and events such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, and other holidays can be a good move. A social media marketing company may also take advantage of current events to make compelling content.

Go Live!

Live selling has become a popular social media marketing technique that can gain more engagements and buyers.

Live selling is a social media marketing strategy that seems to gain popularity nowadays and it is not surprising why. People resort to social media to fulfil their social needs. Thus, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to let them know that your Facebook marketing page or other social media pages are not run by bots. When you do live selling or live promotions, you are letting the online users know that you are opening your doors for them. It gives an impression of being reachable and transparent. Moreover, live selling can be fun and profitable as compared to merely waiting for customers to buy your products.

Maximise Your Content for Backlinks

Social media marketing can double for off-site SEO strategies. Since most social media platforms today allow you to create text content, you are free to add links to your website. This can work to your advantage in two ways. First, you will be able to maximize the cost for your Facebook marketing ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other paid advertisements. Another thing is that you are leading your target audience to certain pages in your website where they can support your initiatives (1), buy your products (2) or avail of your services (3).

In Conclusion

It is inevitable to lose sight of your target when using social media marketing for your business or cause. However, since you will be investing a considerable amount of hard-earned money into it, you better keep your priorities in check. Try to keep your social media management uptight and focus more on how you can drive sales more than just getting engagements and you’ll be good to go!

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