6 Expert Tips To Sustain Website Rankings

6 Expert Tips To Sustain Website Rankings

You might be in an online business and wondering how to drive traffic to your website. You can get your website on top of the list when people search keywords associated with your page. The higher your website ranking, the more people you might get to visit your website.

Here are expert tips sustaining website ranking:

  1. Make Sure You Publish Relevant Content

You directly cannot replace quality content. Make an effort to enhance your understanding and writing skills of the content you create. Also, it is significant to know your intended audience. That way, you can write in a way that best suits their understanding or interests. Here are a few tips to make your content relevant and authoritative:

  • Create Catchy Keyword Phrases

Try to imagine how you would search for your particular content if you were the reader. Well-thought keyword phrases should be in-line with your content. Here are examples of keyword phrases that are precise and authoritative:

  • The easiest way to lose weight
  • Social media marketing
  • Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience allows you to know their user intent. People usually look for information because they want to do something, go somewhere or be aware of something. Knowing your user intent enables you to suggest relevant keyword phrases and quality content.

  1. Add New Content 
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Itis wise to add new content to your website on a daily plan, for example, every two weeks. People like the latest information and, no one is interested in reading the same stuff repeatedly. The secret is keeping your website relevant.

  1. Improve User Experience

Positive user experience plays a huge role in sustaining website rankings. Google can tell when a website is user-friendly. Your website can rank well on the search engine results page (SERP) when you focus on creating a good user experience. Here is a list of how to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) performance:

  • Perform A Mobile-Friendly Test

You should ensure that your website is available to mobile users. In a current busy world, most people are now using  mobile devices to search for information or services on the go. The latest updates of Google focus on the mobile-friendliness of your website.

The mobile-friendly test allows you to see if your site shows up on mobile search results and whether it has good speed on mobile devices.  Read this blog for more insight. 

  • Minimize Adverts

Itis okay to have adverts on your site. However, they must not crowd your site such that user experience is well-slowed down. It may affect your SEO performance.

Itis important to note that the latest google update also focuses on good coding. Make sure your code is readable and understandable. It has a positive effect on how Google ranks your SEO.

  1. Create A Link-Worthy Site

Try to move away from plain statements like ‘click here.’ Instead, focus on providing curiosity in your reader by writing the name of the link destination. To use these descriptive links effectively, make sure you link keywords to them.

It will improve your ranking and may make your reading experience enjoyable. It may also increase traffic (get more people to visit the page) to the site you’re linking. Most importantly, it may make the experience easier for those with disabilities using screen readers.

  1. Constantly Analyse Your Site Speed

Speed determines whether or not people stay on your page. If it’s too slow, people are bound to give up and may never come back. Good site speed will help you sustain your website rankings.

You might add more content to your site, which is also great for sustaining rankings. However, this might slow your site down. Make the use of Google page speed tools, google analytics, and webmaster tools to find out your site speed and how to fix it if it’s slow.

  1. Track Traffic

Use Google Analytics’ Intelligent Events feature. The feature can alert you of spikes or decreases in your traffic. It can also help you know which related keywords resulted in your high ranking. It will help you make more content for those keywords. As a result, you will sustain your website rankings.

If you realize that your rankings have dropped because of particular keywords, you can avoid them in your content to boost your rankings.


Sustaining website rankings takes continuous effort. You may find yourself ranking very well knowing that this is not a sign to relax. Bear in mind that you have competitors for the similar keywords you use. Update your content, speed, and links at all times to sustain your rankings.