6 Design Hacks to Improve Your Startup Logo Designs

6 Design Hacks to Improve Your Startup Logo Designs

A logo is the first thing one sees when interacting with a business. It is what makes a business recognizable and different from others. A logo has to be memorable, unique, and simple for people to remember. A logo should also be flexible enough to work on smaller and larger scales.

A good logo will also have the ability to stand out from the crowd.

It is not just an image. It can include colors, fonts of different sizes and shapes, graphic elements, etc. A good logo should have a timeless feel that will not date as quickly as other elements of branding (e.g., fonts).

When you invest in your branding, it will be easier for people to recognize your startup, so it will be easier to remember. When you’re easy to remember, people are more likely to trust your brand and opt to get your services or products than others they don’t know.

With that said, if you’re starting to develop your logo for your startup, here are a few design hacks that you’ll need to consider to ensure that the logo serves you well.

  1. Use Color Contrast to Make Your Logos Legit

A logo is a representation of a company’s brand. It should be memorable, and it should be able to convey the message of the company in an instant. Colors are one of the most powerful tools that can help you create a logo representing your message in the best possible way.

For a logo to be successful, it needs to have a certain level of color contrast. If the colors are too close together in the spectrum, then people will not be able to recognize them from each other, which can lead to confusion or misunderstanding.

If you have a well-designed logo that lacks the necessary contrast, your logo will not be able to communicate its message.

The use of color contrast is an essential part of making a logo look legit. If you have a well-designed logo that lacks the necessary contrast, your logo will not be able to communicate its message.

2. Use Shapes to Think Inside The Box

There is a lot of creativity that goes into logo design. After all, a logo is the face of your company. But some people don’t have the skills to design one for themselves. In that case, you should try using shapes and put your logos inside them as a classic design.

You can use shapes in different colors or patterns, and it will be easier for people to see your logo from afar too.

A good logo design should be simple, straightforward, and appropriate for the product or service it represents.

There are two main types of shapes used in logos: geometric and organic. Geometric shapes are typically more abstract with sharp edges, while organic shapes are more naturalistic with soft edges.

3. Choose The Right Font For Your Logo

Some of the best and most recognizable logos are just one letter. That’s why if you want the Best Logo Design for your brand, you have to be particular with the font you’re going to use.

Choosing the right font for your logo is vital because it can make or break your brand identity. The font you choose should be legible and recognizable in all sizes. There are many different fonts available to use as your logo’s typeface. But before you choose one, there are some things you need to consider:

  • Readability
  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • How well it matches the design style
  • The color scheme

Once you find a font you want, stick to it to be consistent. Also, ensure you don’t use different fonts for your logo.

4. Make It Look Versatile

A versatile logo will be more memorable for potential customers and recognizable to your target audience. A good logo should be simple, attractive, and customizable to look different on different backgrounds, in other applications, and across various media.

Of course, your logo shouldn’t be so versatile that it loses recognizability because of how often you change it. That’s why you should make a rulebook or guidelines of different ways you can modify the logo based on specific circumstances (like a dark or light background) so that you don’t lose the recognizability even when you present the logo in different visual cases.

5. Be literal with your logo

The best way to create a good logo is to be literal with it. A literal logo will have a clear meaning and be easy to understand by people who don’t know what the company does or how it operates.

For example, if the name of your startup is Green Dog Corporation, your logo should be a green dog. Easy as that.

It’s easy to recall the name of your business as well as the branding of your business because it’s consistent.

6. Highlight Certain Elements in The Logo

Highlighting some aspects of your logo can also make it easier for people to recognize what you do. If you can abbreviate your business name, you can highlight each word’s first letter.

For example, if you are designing a logo for an accounting firm, you may want to highlight the letter “A” in “Accountant” to make it stand out more prominently than other letters in the word.

The best logos are simple, memorable, and have a clear message. You should highlight certain elements in your logo to make sure that it communicates effectively with your audience.


These design hacks can help make it easier to ideate the best startup logo that fits your branding and business. If you still can’t figure out what exactly you need to make for your logo, consider applying these hacks to make it easier to get started.