6 Basic Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket your Online Business

6 Basic Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket your Online Business

Whether you are starting a new setup online or you already have an offline running business, driving traffic to your online shop is a totally different dimension. Core marketing basics remains the same for both offline and online stores but the overall strategy game changes. 

The top most benefit of digital marketing is, you can directly reach your targeted people who are searching for your business, product or service. Digital Marketing helps you earn more qualified leads, this way you will save your money by only investing for people who are interested in your business or product.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies to promote your business online.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Its cost effective
  2. Increases reach
  3. Creates brand awareness 
  4. Generates qualified leads
  5. Easy to monitor results
  6. Generates more revenue

Now we will go over the best marketing strategies for your online business startup. 

Marketing Strategies to Promote your Online Business.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an important marketing tool in ecommerce. When we talk about digital marketing, it is essential to build a strong email marketing approach. You should have as many email addresses as you can – from current customers to prospective customers. So when you start up your online business you can start a steady flow of emails to your entire targeted customer base informing them about your launch, discounts, promotions or even free shipping on their first buy.

Even after your launch you should continue to email your customer base informing them about new products, promotions or available discount to keep them coming back to your online store.

  1.   Create your Social Presence Organically

One of the easiest ways to boost your social engagement is to make sure that you regularly engage with your audience. Post interesting and relevant images and videos that will hook your existing viewers and attract new ones as well. Other than this, working with bloggers, using hashtags and hosting giveaways are also great ways to influence social media.

Enhancing engagement with your followers, increases chance of spreading awareness about your brand. 

  1. Working on SEO for your site

The key points to remember when you start working on SEO for your site is to make sure that your On-page content contains naturally spoken language that is used by your customers when searching for related products 

What you need to concentrate on for this purpose is the product title (so it can be searched for easily), product description – i.e. Meta description (summarizes each page), vibrant images, and other page content. This way when your product is searched by the customer, the result that shows up on the search engine will display the page title and meta description on the basis of which the customer decides to whether engage with your site or not.

  1. Google Ads

Advertising through search engine is a great way to boost your website. It is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site. Using Google Ads for search engine optimization gives you a chance to show up on the top most spot.

  1. Cross-Promotions/Collaborations

You can partner with complementary brands to cross-promote your brand. All you need to do is find a brand that targets similar audience but compliments your product (for example your brand is kid’s apparel, so you can partner with a brand that sells kids accessories or shoes). 

You can also host giveaways in cross-promotions or provide discounts on one product with the purchase of another.

  1. Influential Marketing

Influencers are people who have the power to persuade people’s purchasing behavior. These are the people who have large online audience and can increase your brands awareness. 

Most common Influential Marketing methods include demonstrating your product through short videos, writing blogs about your product or even talking about your product at different events.


Choose the marketing strategies briefed above according to your product. Don’t get overwhelmed by applying all at once and be consistent. Monitor the results of each method and then wisely decide on which one to go ahead with and which one to change.