5 Ways To Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2023

5 Ways To Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2023

New Year brings a lot of new opportunities for many aspects of our lives. It also brings some great opportunities for your digital marketing strategy. You don’t have to go all “New Year, New Me” in 2023 when it comes to marketing, but you can refresh the strategy for better results. In digital marketing, things can change fast and each year brings a new Google update, as well as new trends experts, are setting. So, if you want to stay on top of things, and your competition, here are some great ideas on how to refresh your digital marketing strategy this year. 

Customer Segmentation

Customer/market segmentation is a practice of separating customers into several groups based on certain elements and characteristics (geographical location or business size). This segmentation is a perfect way to make personalization possible. Personalization is a marketing strategy used to tailor your business offer and experiences to customers by using data you collected about them. With this, you can easily provide your customers with what they are looking for and thus improve your conversions. 

Long-Term Content

Today, Google really appreciates quality content. And if you want to up your digital marketing game, then you have to focus on content marketing a bit more. This part of marketing can attract new leads to your business and you should consider long-term content. This type of content is significantly longer than those ordinary 500-word blog posts. Long-term content is over 2,000 words long and it can be a great addition to your website without any expensive equipment. 

Additionally, you want to focus on keyword research, too. Not every business is going to use the same keywords, but your competitors will. For example, if you are in the food industry and want to rise above, consider using the main products and dishes that you want to push. So, let’s say you have a steakhouse with high competition. You might want to use keywords such as best steakhouse or even try location based variations. Variations here are super important, so don’t forget to throw in a few of them.

Also, you can add pillar pages to your content in a form of in-depth guides and resource lists. Plus, creating detailed guides is a good idea. As a steakhouse, for example, you can easily produce guides on choosing meats, guides on cooking them, and so on. 

Add a Chatbot to Your Website

This is one of the most recent and exciting trends in digital marketing. Chatbots are programs that interact with humans by using messages on your website. They operate within messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and they can pose as personal assistants to your customers. These little helpers also bring a lot of different benefits, such as promoting your content, collecting contact information, answering FAQs of your visitors, and even facilitating sales conversations. 

Additionally, many software companies are working on making chatbots that have more natural language processing and even emotional intelligence. This helps them understand human speech better, and customers feel more welcome chatting with them. 

Satisfy Google Updates

Every business wants the best SEO for its website. To do that, you have to satisfy google updates. Google is constantly refining its algorithms and how they rank websites. So, you can stay up to date with Google’s updates and see how you can appeal to them. This means that you should always do some quality on-site optimization for your website, be careful with keywords, audit your site regularly and keep track of your backlinks. 

Every new year brings new trends and this is especially true for digital marketing. So, if you want to be even more successful this year, tweak your strategy and watch the magic happen. 

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a way to test different versions of web pages, ads, emails, and landing pages. You can use this testing to see which version will work better and which users prefer. This is easily achieved by running two different versions of your marketing material. One represents ‘control’ while the other is the experimental page that is different from the first one. For example, a steakhouse can A/B test how its menu feels and looks by using different colors, fonts, layouts and so much more. 

A/B testing can help you come up with better designs and test how people react to them. This creates effective designs and layouts which can ultimately get better results and thus more conversions.