5 Ways to Increase Social Media Presence for Your Brand

5 Ways to Increase Social Media Presence for Your Brand

Social media is an extremely powerful tool and It can help to promote your brand. In this blog post, we will explain how social platforms can be used as a marketing tool, and how to use social media for customer retention and loyalty.

With the increasing domination of social media on the Internet, our everyday life, and its continuing growth, the presence in social media networks is an important task for every business. Thus, an essential aspect of your marketing plans or strategy is how to get in front of your target audience every day. 

It is not only a trend or hype. The importance of social media is a fact. Nowadays social media presence is an important aspect to increase customer loyalty, customer retention, and sales. Do you want to generate more leads and make more sales? If so, then there are a few things you must remember to follow in your social media strategy. 

Social media is an extremely powerful tool and It can help to promote your brand. In this blog post, we will explain how social platforms can be used as a marketing tool, and how to use social media for customer retention and loyalty. 

Interact with Your Clients and Followers

Social media is about how your friends and family, but also about how your customers share their lives: the news they keep up on, the brands they love, or new products they look for. 

It is important to listen to them. What do they say about your brand, service, or product? What are they talking about? Listening to it is crucial for your social media marketing strategy.

Engaging and interacting with your social media followers is definitely one of the best ways to improve your customer loyalty with social media presence. The platforms allow you to build relationships on a deeply personal and straightforward level. Being honest, engaging and listening to what your clients say will help you to increase customer retention via social media. It will also help to grow engagement and relationships between your brand and customers.

Be Consistent in Your Social Media Presence

A lot of businesses use social media only because their competitors do so. Although you can’t ignore the competitors’ strategies and you also can’t ignore the importance of social media in general, this definitely should not be your main reason to be on Facebook or Instagram. 

Instead, you should create a consistent strategy for your business, and this consistency should not only be followed with the style of your posts or interactivity there but also in frequency. This means posting regularly, and what’s even more important, responding quickly and frequently to all messages and comments. 

Depending on the social media platform, regularity in posting can be more or less frequent. On platforms where the average post’s life is no longer than a few hours like on Twitter, you should post even several times a day. On Facebook or Instagram adding a post every day or every few days is a good tip to maintain contact with your audience.

Try to offer the best possible customer service on platforms. To build customer loyalty with social media use multiple channels for communication, and provide a fast response time.

Create Engaging Content

This tip can be challenging: and definitely not every social media user and not every brand is able to achieve this goal. But in fact, we are more likely to read, share and click when the content we read or watch is really good and engaging. 

In the case of business, it is also even more challenging: it should not only be engaging but also related to your products or brand. Engaging, but not for everybody: engaging for your clients.

The content should be relevant to your brand and it should bring value to your customers. This will help them better understand how they can benefit from using your products or working with your business. Focus on creating content that your target audience will want to read! There is no surprise that many businesses fail at this simple task in their strategies.

Do a Social Media Contest

Everybody likes freebies and your audience on social media is no different. Contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways are one of the best tools you can use for increasing your engagement. 

This task is relatively easy to achieve. By offering them some kind of reward if they share their experiences with your brand or product you can create a contest on the platforms. The reward for your followers is pretty often a kind of merchandise, for example, your own product or service. If you are giving away your product, you also create a buzz around it. Because of that, the people who didn’t win this time can still be more likely to buy from you in the future.

Socialman is the tool that can help you to create a contest on multiple social media platforms. It has an easy setup process. Instead of headache with organizing all the technical stuff, this app will let you focus on getting customer loyalty by organizing a successful giveaway on Instagram or Facebook.

Cooperate With Social Media Influencers 

Last but not least: influencer marketing has really become a big thing recently. You should consider using it for your social media marketing strategy. Cooperating with influencers can bring more customer engagement than you can imagine.

There are two ways how to cooperate with them on social media platforms to increase your sales: either via sponsored content or an affiliate partnership. Both of these options can be used together or separately. The main advantage of using them is that your brand or products will be more likely to gain more exposure. So, partnering up with influencers can be another great way to increase leads and sales with social media.


Social media platforms are powerful tools for promoting your products, business or brand. Growing your social media following or increasing engagement from your existing followers can be challenging. We hope these five simple tips we provided in this article can get you started with it and stay in front of your competitors!