5 Unique Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

5 Unique Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

If you own a business, you want to get your message out to the world through marketing. You may even want to try to use unique ways so that you can reach a target audience that no one else has yet. If that sounds like you, consider one of the five unique tactics that are below.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an area that still requires growth, but the business world is starting to see results through augmented reality. Real estate agents use this marketing tactic in selling homes as they give a virtual tour of the home they have on the market. You can use this specific scenario for your business too by giving a behind-the-scenes look to customers to see how their favorite products are made. This will make your customers trust you as an expert on a specific product or service even more as they will feel like they and they only get a firsthand look.

2. SMS Messaging

Almost anyone has a cellphone now, and you can reach a large number of customers just by sending them a quick text message Use mass text messaging to send a generic text about a new promotion or content that your customers may be interested in. The information will go to as many customers as you have without it appearing to look like a group chat, so your customers will not be annoyed by the replies from others. You can even give an option to allow the customers to opt-out by texting a simple phrase back to you.

3. Be Interactive on Social Media

Most business owners know that you can use social media platforms to create a business page. Take this marketing tactic one step further by making your social media page as interactive as possible with your customers. Have live feeds in which you answer questions from live viewers or have a live interview about information that is of interest to your customer. Respond to any comments or messages you receive quickly, and even post polls and contests for your customers directly to your stories for a quick snapshot.

 4. Compete with Others

It may seem counterintuitive for your business to compete with others, but it can actually be beneficial to all companies. Enter a local contest in your area, such as a contest for a local magazine that names the best business that offers a specific service or product. Enter live competitions as well including food competitions if you own a restaurant or some other type of eatery. Any of these events will especially increase your credibility in your own community alone, allowing your community to spread your business name throughout the world.

5. Think Outside the Box

When creating traditional marketing material like commercials or print ads, try to think outside of the box. Make a commercial, even if it seems bizarre or out of this world, that you know will grab the customer’s attention that at least has a little to do with your brand. You want the advertisement to stick to the customer’s memory and make them know that it is from your brand alone. This, in fact, can turn into the most powerful marketing tactic that you have at your disposal, especially when you are trying to stand out.

Marketing is necessary for any business to grow. Take your marketing skills for your business to the next level by using a unique idea that no one else has thought of. This will help customers to gravitate towards you and to realize that you truly have something special to offer.