5 Tips for Analyzing the Success of a Marketing Campaign

5 Tips for Analyzing the Success of a Marketing Campaign

If you or your company is investing time, research, money, and more into a marketing campaign, you will want to ensure that it was effective and successful. Analyzing a marketing campaign is crucial to ensure that success and to arm yourself with the knowledge to amplify the success of future campaigns. To help you properly analyze your next marketing campaign, we have compiled 5 tips that you should follow.

Establish your goals, KPIs, and more prior to the campaign

Part of building a marketing campaign is to first have clear goals, key performance indicators or KPIs, metrics you are looking to hit, and more. Unless you know what you or your company is looking to achieve with a campaign, there will be no way to measure its success and impact. Are you looking to increase web lift? Are you looking to increase sales? Are you looking for a specific return on your investment in this campaign? Establish the answers to some of these questions as well as specific numbers. Be as specific as, you are looking for a 25% return on your campaign investment or you would like to see a 10% lift in visitors to your website throughout the duration of the campaign. Be clear and be specific with these expectations and how they will be measured which will be re-visited when you are looking at the results from your campaign.

Track the campaign throughout its duration

There are many ways to track the pieces of a marketing campaign and it is important to do so in order to properly measure the results and success. It is now easier than ever to put a partnership tracker in place to accurately track partners across various platforms and in a reliable manner, attribute performance and vital information that will be useful when measuring campaign success. Tracking various aspects of a campaign will allow analysis to be done much more effectively through the reporting and data provided.

Dive into and examine the results

Once you have run your marketing campaign and have received any tracking and data, you will want to dive right into this information and compare the results to the goals, KPIs, and metrics that you set prior to its start. Now, you will be able to see if these results and data have hit or exceeded your set expectations and will be able to determine the level of campaign success. Smart Insights offers some useful best practices to take into consideration when examining these results and how to use the data collected during the campaign to optimize and improve in the future.

Use and compare prior campaign data

If you have previously run marketing campaigns, you may have data and results that would be useful to take look at prior to the planning and beginning of another campaign. You should use information such as, which tactics performed well and which did not have a large impact, performance in various time periods, which creative pieces resulted in the most engagement or success. The tracking and data from the campaign you are looking to implement should also be kept and examined in order to better structure your campaigns in the future. Running A/B tests when implementing marketing campaigns, especially in the beginning, is a great way to get a clear idea of future direction through comparing the tracking and results measured for each.

Bring in a professional

If this is your first marketing campaign or you are uncertain as to whether you or your team is properly equipped to analyze the campaign results and determine whether it was successful or could use some improvement, it can always help to bring in a professional. You can look into companies or individual marketing specialists that have experience in your specific industry and would have insight that could be beneficial and even may have some experience with your competitors. A professional could be brought in early in the process to assist with determining your goals, KPIs, and metrics, and oversee the whole campaign process could be brought in just to give an analysis of the results, tracking, and data.

Use these 5 tips to analyze the success of your marketing campaign and ensure effectiveness as well as even more success in the future!