Digital Marketing Careers

5 Things You Need to Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing

The digital advertising industry is growing year-on-year, which makes it an excellent career choice. As more businesses realize the benefits of online marketing, job opportunities for digital marketers are expected to grow significantly. Whether you’re an SEO expert, a PPC maestro or content specialist, take a look at these five things you’ll need to kickstart your career:

1. Skills

Digital marketing is a broad sector, but you’ll need proven skills in your area of expertise before you can truly get started. If you want to run PPC campaigns, for example, you’ll need to have in-depth knowledge of Google AdWords and similar tools. Fortunately, you can develop the skills you need in your own time, which means you can hone your talents and increase your employability at any stage. 

2. Employment Authorization

To be employed in the U.S., you need to be a citizen, a lawful permanent resident or an appropriate visa and an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). As we embrace the global marketplace, a significant number of digital marketers are working abroad. If you want to work in the U.S. but you’re not a citizen, it’s worth seeking advice from a specialist immigration lawyer. By getting the documentation you need prepared in advance, you can impress potential employers with your commitment and determination.  

3. Experience

Many people struggle to find employment if they don’t have experience in their chosen field. While your previous professional experience and internships will enhance your employability, you can gain unofficial experience at any time. Working as a freelancer or practicing your skills on open-source projects can be a great way to gain experience as a digital marketer, for example. Remember to keep a portfolio of your work so that you can showcase your experience to future recruiters. 

4. Contacts

A professional network can help you to advance in any industry and the same is true in the digital marketing sector. When you have a broad professional network, you can build your reputation and become more well-known in the industry. As a result, you’ll be aware of job opportunities as they become available and be able to build on existing professional relationships to secure job roles.

5. Qualifications

Although some people begin their careers in marketing with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, this isn’t always a pre-requisite. Other certifications, such as a Google Analytics Individual Qualification, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification or Facebook Blueprint Certification, can be used to verify your skills, and can be a great way to learn more about the digital marketing tools and techniques you’re less familiar with. 

Becoming a Successful Digital Marketer

Whether you’re just starting out, you’ve been involved with marketing for some time or you’re considering a career change, digital marketing opens up a world of possibilities. With new methodologies and platforms being created all the time, it’s a fast-paced sector that gives you the opportunity to specialize in chosen areas. If you want to combine your creativity and analytical side to deliver innovative solutions to a wide range of brands, a career in digital marketing could be just what you’re looking for.