5 Things to Consider When Approaching Redesign the Ecommerce Store

5 Things to Consider When Approaching Redesign the Ecommerce Store

Are you planning to rebuild your entire eCommerce website? Because you are not getting conversions on your website due to old design. Want to increase the analytics of your online store? Then, you must approach an eCommerce web development company for a second thought on whether you should deploy new features into your eCommerce store to increase the conversion. We all know that the design of the eCommerce store is equally important. If the website design does not entice the users, they will bounce back from the website.

With four out of every five Americans purchasing online, online retail is a flourishing sector. But, Did you know that over 60% of online shoppers will not buy from a company whose website they believe is outdated? So, it is important to redesign the website periodically to keep the website updated with the technology. In this blog, we will discuss the main points that eCommerce store owners should consider before they proceed with website redesigning.

Why Should One Consider the Redesigning of the eCommerce site?

Redesigning your website is a substantial investment in your company’s future success. A well-executed website makeover will provide you with a number of advantages:

Improve conversion rates :

A well-designed website can increase visitors to your site while also increasing conversion rates for the actions you want your audience to take.

Boost your brand’s image:

Your website should always reflect your company’s identity. If your present design isn’t accomplishing this, a redesign allows you to fine-tune your brand messaging to better match your company’s beliefs.

Address your upcoming growth objectives more efficiently:

Your company is probably not in the same location it was a few years ago. You might have some fresh services or items to offer. You can also notice a higher amount of traffic.

Things to Consider before planning the redesign of the eCommerce website

In fact, there are multiple things that store owners should go through before redesigning the website. Otherwise, they can contact the eCommerce web development company to get assistance. Here are some typical eCommerce design errors that we frequently find in the wild that you should consider if you’re thinking of expanding your eCommerce business.

Don’t Use a Typical Persona

Both web designers and merchants tend to believe they know best and subjectively walk in a straight line without looking left or right. We have a tendency to define needs based on what a person believes is required. As a result, we frequently fall into the assumption trap: if it solves my problem, it will solve everyone else’s also. To put it another way, if something makes sense to me, it must also make sense to buyers. Well, this does not apply everywhere. Therefore, the store owners should take help from the professionals to overcome the obstacles and reach the business objective to target the customers. Before any implementation to the website, always do testing of it to see how the customer will react. 

Track New features and Changes

Did you add a new feature to your eCommerce website? And the dev tools console does not show any error. With this new update, your sales are going fine. But do you have any idea how the new feature has impacted your sales and customer behaviour? Are they even using this new feature or following the same procedure? Has the new feature even influenced the sales of the eCommerce store? So, it is essential to track the change made in the eCommerce store to define the exact impact. By tracking, you can check whether they are working or need improvement.

Redesign your listings to include larger images

Have you ever seen every eCommerce website show multiple products on the screen?

We know that product images are small and also known as thumbnail images. However, the images play a vital role in making the customer’s decision strong in selecting the product. 

Many merchants get custom eCommerce website development to get their store available on mobile devices. And on mobile devices, you can have large photos. Good photography is always appreciated, regardless of where it appears on the site.

Display product options as buttons

You’re probably aware that many things come in several colors, sizes, materials, and other options. We know the users make their decision based on the information provided on the product page. 

The professionals should use a button to help the customers to view all the alternatives and indicate when a variation indicates a price change. If the variant alters the appearance(for example, by changing the color), picking it should cause the main product image to be updated. It also ensures that the user knows what is ordered.  

Moreover, it has more advantages in that by deactivating the particular buttons, users can know which product is out of stock. Further, this eliminates the need to scroll through a dropdown menu of options. It is recommended not to have a default size when it comes to size choosing. Users may wind up adding the default rather than the one they desire if this is the case. This could result in a high number of returns and dissatisfied customers. 

Understand the category structure

Most eCommerce websites have a lot of categories in their menus. Customers use the navigation to figure out the store structure and parent-child relationships between the categories.

While it’s a good idea to have some subcategories in many categories, some stores make it too complicated. In Navigation, we frequently see categories, subcategories, and popular filters mixed. So, always ensure that the category hierarchy is clear, transparent, and simple to scan and comprehend. If you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, attempt a card sorting test or look at how retailers offering similar product lines do it.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, there are more common pitfalls that every merchant encounters in their day-to-day work. Are you in difficulty whether you should change the eCommerce store design or not? Hire an eCommerce web development freelancer to hand over all the worries to the professionals of the agencies. 

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