5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Can Increase Sales During Pandemic

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Can Increase Sales During Pandemic

30-second summary

  • There has been an increase in email engagements since the pandemic started
  • Email marketing is an informative marketing strategy that is not pushy
  • An email strategy that lets potential clients know you also care about their welfare can positively affect their purchase decision
  • Email marketing can build stronger connections to customers through personalization 

Communication is the foundation of marketing strategies, whether it’s traditional or electronic marketing. With the current worldwide crisis, most people now spend a considerable amount of their time browsing online, and this made almost all business owners utilize the usage of the internet to transport their marketing strategies on popular social media sites entirely. 

With a very competitive market and numerous online advertisements, sometimes it can be unpleasant and distracting to the user’s end. Instead of getting the attention of your target audience, you might even chase them away. Other online marketing strategies can get the attention of your target market without annoying them. Email marketing tactics, for example, are effective in subtly promoting the business. Still, at the same time, it’s also where you can tell everything about your products and services without being so pushy about it.

In today’s time, where everybody craves sympathy and empathy, it’s wise to approach your target clients without making it seem as if you’re all about the business, even when that’s what you’re truly after. Because of email marketing’s specific personalization options, you can use this as a strategy to let people know about what you do and what you can do for them. Here are five reasons why email marketing can increase sales during a pandemic:

1. Data Shows That There Has Been An Increase In Email Engagements During The Peak Of Pandemic

Due to the number of widespread restrictions brought by Covid-19, most businesses have made some considerable changes in their daily business operations. Tasks done in the office were transferred to various online systems, and one of them is the use of emails. A recent study conducted by Campaign Monitor shows that there has been a spike in the metrics of emails sent between February 2020 to March 2020, and this period was the peak of the pandemic. With the large volume of people using their emails every day, it’s an excellent opportunity to try and jump into the conversation while the momentum is vigorous. More people using email sites mean higher chances of email promotions getting noticed by the target audience.

2. Personalization Can Help Reach Even The Smallest Category Of Your Target Market 

What’s great about email marketing is how you can personalize each email according to what you think the recipient needs to hear without affecting the rest of the content sent to the other target recipients. Personalizing the message while conveying your plan can make it more sincere to the recipient’s eyes, and catching their attention by showing how genuine you are is a great way to make them read and check out the rest of the email content.

3. Discount Code Reminders And Sake Announcements Can Ignite A Call To Action

One of the things that Covid-19 made people realize is the importance of saving money to be prepared for unexpected incidents. It’s unsafe for consumers to keep splurging during these difficult times when there is a significant threat to health while limiting access to medications and immediate treatments. So how can people save money through email marketing? Simple, they get reminders for discounts, promos, and sales, so they will not miss out on great deals. With the right subject line and email body, it’s easy to drive a call to action during a sale promo. 

Concerning this, Psychologists say people tend to hoard during a crisis, so consumers are more likely to buy or avail themselves of service more usual than average when there’s a discount offered for a limited time only. 

4. Email Marketing, When Used Correctly, Can Build Strong Connections

In this world full of mixed cultures, various beliefs and principles, different races, people can build connections and gain emotional support.

A way to a client’s heart is to make them feel that you’re there for them, even when you don’t know what they are currently going through. Email marketing tactics include sending tips, suggestions, and other helpful facts that will eventually lead the target audience to see how that information can help them through what you are offering them. Email marketing has a way of touching a potential client’s curiosity when the right words are said. 

People benefit by subscribing to newsletters by getting the latest updates on current trends and issues without paying for anything. When effective strategies get used in email marketing, consumers will want to hear more often from you to further know about what interests them from your content. 

Email marketing tactics can promote a call to action to its audience depending on how well crafted the email is. Effective tactics can ignite the need to read, gain information from, and take action. Utilizing the power of email marketing as the metrics of email engagements keep growing may help businesses thrive in more ways than one, as long as there is proper research on the target audience and information that you will be using. 

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