5 Market Research Methods Your Business Should Use in 2022

5 Market Research Methods Your Business Should Use in 2022

Business success or failure is always reliant on how well a business can maintain its existing customers and convert any leads into loyal customers. Business acumen comes from being able to read the market, predict change, and give the customer what they want. But how can you know what your target market wants?

Continue reading to discover five ways in which you can perform market research in 2022.

1. Online Survey

An online survey is an indispensable tool for collecting feedback from your audience. It is a great way to get the information you need from respondents in minutes. You can even use it to run your own market research analysis and discover new opportunities for business development.

How does an online survey work?

Online survey works by asking people about their opinion on something, then recording their answers. This data can be used for further research and analysis. The information gathered from this type of research can help companies make decisions that will improve their bottom line or just give them insight into what customers really want.

Why do online surveys work?

Online survey provides an easy way to collect feedback and learn more about your audience without having to spend any money or resources on traditional methods like in-person interviews or focus groups. In addition, these types of surveys are usually anonymous, so there’s no chance that you’ll hurt anyone’s feelings while gathering information.

2. Mystery Shopping

What is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping is a type of market research in which the mystery shopper poses as a customer at a business to gain insight about a business in areas like customer service, quality of sales, and regulatory compliance. 

Mystery shoppers are given certain tasks to accomplish, such as buying a specific product and then evaluating the experience with that company from start to finish.

How does mystery shopping work?

A mystery shopper is hired by companies to visit different retail locations and stores. They purchase a particular product or service in order to assess the quality of service, identify potential issues and provide management with feedback on their employees’ performances.

Why does mystery shopping work?

Mystery shopping helps businesses get an unbiased point of view on their employees’ performance, customer experiences, and overall business processes. It also helps build trust between the customer and the brand since they know that their feedback will be heard and implemented. In addition, it can help improve problem areas, boost employee morale, and increase sales through targeted promotions.

3. Focus Group

A focus group is a qualitative research method. It’s a gathering of people brought together by an expert moderator to discuss a certain topic or try a new product. The discussion is recorded, and the insights gathered are used to make better business decisions.

How do focus groups work?

The moderator asks participants questions, and they answer them, sharing their opinions in an informal environment. The moderator is there to keep the conversation flowing and ensure the participants feel comfortable talking about any given subject. The main goal of focus groups is to gather insights into the participants’ behavior and motivations.

Why are focus groups a good method?

Focus groups help companies understand what people don’t like about their products or services (but also what they love), where the company can improve, or why they choose one brand over another. They help companies understand people’s desires, needs, and emotions better than any other market research method, which allows companies to develop products that will solve some of their problems or fulfill their needs.

4. Ad Concept Testing

Ad concept testing allows a company to test the market and create more effective marketing campaigns. It can be used in many ways and for different types of marketing campaigns, but the most common use is to test whether a particular advertisement will be successful or not.

How does ad concept testing work?

Ad concept testing works by allowing you to monitor the responses of a portion of your audience to an advertisement they see before it is officially launched publicly. This gives you the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t and make any changes needed before it is released.

Why is ad concept testing among the best market research methods for 2022?

It will become increasingly important in the future for companies to understand how their customers really feel about their advertisements. This is particularly important given that many people now watch ads on video platforms such as YouTube, which makes ad concept testing even more important.

5. Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is a way to see if a business idea is viable before you invest too much time and money. This is usually the first step in the creation of a business plan. It can involve research, financial projections, discussions with experts, and even surveys of possible customers.

How do feasibility studies work?

There are many ways to do feasibility studies, but they all try to answer this question: “Will this work?” 

You’ll want to look at things like the cost of getting started and operating your business, your potential sales volume, and how you compare with your competitors. If you’re planning to launch an ad campaign on TikTok, for example, you’ll want to conduct a demographic analysis by determining if your target demographic overlaps with the general demographic of TikTok. If not, advertisements on TikTok may not be a fruitful venture for your business.

The Bottom Line

In the ever-evolving digital era, market research methods have become more sophisticated and efficient. As competition increases, businesses are constantly looking for new methods to tap into the opportunities that lie ahead. With the right strategy and team, you can leverage both traditional and innovative market research methods to gain actionable insights that can inform your decisions moving forward.