5 Incredible Ways To Lower CPC Costs in Google AdWords, Dramatically

In every business, it is necessary to get the best performance at the lowest costs as possible. 

Google AdWords is no exception. How Google AdWords works? You create a keyword, and then you are bidding for it. The more popular the keyword, the more you have to pay for it.

The main factors by which you can tell if your ad performs well on Google AdWords are Cost Per Click – CPC and Click Through Rate – CTR

So when you are using Google Adwords, you aim to get a click to your website for the lowest bid, while maintaining a high Click Through Rate.

Below you will find the 5 incredible ways to dramatically lower Cost Per Click in Google AdWords.

1. Relevance

Relevance, Relevance, and one more time – Relevance, when you are creating an ad in Google AdWords, you have to keep in mind that the Relevance of the keyword, ad, and landing page is crucial for Google.

Why is Relevance so important? Because in the first place, Google aims to show the results for which the user is seeking.

For example, if the user entered a red summer hat in Google search, the ads have to mention a red summer hat in title and description. 

And after clicking the ad, the landing page has to show a red summer hat with a picture and description for selling.

For the best Relevance score, it is best that no other hats would show on the landing page. The red summer hat has to have central attention. 

Surely, you can always suggest other hats, which may be interesting for users, but the red summer hat has to have the main focus.

So, as you can see, the keyword, ad, and landing page have to be closely connected.

The best way to keep them highly related is to create individual ads for each keyword and single landing page for each ad.

For instance, if you have a keyword green pencil case, you have to create an ad that is only for this keyword. Therefore, the title and description of the ad has to be only about the green pencil case.

Further, the landing page of this ad has to be only about the green pencil case – the landing page has to have a picture of the green pencil case and description. 

Moreover, there has to be a possibility for the simple purchase of a green pencil case.

So, you have to think about what the user is seeking, when he is entering a keyword on the Google search.

Does he want to buy this item, or does he need only a description? Does he seek only for this item, or can I offer other items for him?

These questions have to be answered in your ads and especially on the landing page. And in this way, you will highly reduce your CPC costs.

2. Ad Testing

The testing of ads is essential no matter what platform you are advertising. Google AdWords is no different.

You can see all the statistics of the ads in Google AdWords so you can adjust your add accordingly. 

As mentioned before, your main aim in Google Adwords is to lower your Cost Per Click and increase your Click Through Rate. But remember that for your business, it is crucial to get sales from clicks.

So you have to not only check CPC and CTR but, also, are these clicks generating sales, so you always must calculate Revenue Per Click.

So, create as many ads and keywords as you can with different setting variations, regarding location, devices, etc.

And check which variations of ads have the lowest Cost Per Click, also having in mind CTR and Revenue Per Click.

Further, use these variations on other ads, and analyze if the CPC of them also decreases.

Moreover, prioritize the ads with the lowest CPC and pay less attention to ads that have a high CPC. Do not bid on ads with high CPC or bid less on them.

Your central attention has to be for ads that have a low CPC. So bid on them more.

Noteworthy, even if your ad has low CPC and performs well, you can always create similar ads with a different variation. Because you can never know, maybe the new ad can have even lower CPC and perform better.

3. High Quality of The Landing Page

As mentioned before, the relevance of the Landing Page has a large impact on a lower CPC. While creating a landing page with high relevance, you do not need to forget the quality of the Landing Page.

Google AdWords is calculating the landing page experience of the user. Better the experience, the lower is your cost per click.

There are two main aspects of how Google AdWords values experience – Relevance and Quality. As we talked already about Relevance, let’s check how we can improve the quality of the Landing Page.

First of all, the Landing Page has to open very fast. Pages that take time to load are irritating, so they can not be called high-quality pages.

The ideal time for the Landing Page to open is up to 1 second. So you have to keep in mind that this is one of your goals while creating the Landing Page.

Another aspect that is important for the quality of the Landing Page is how easy your landing page is to use.

If the user is seeking to buy a yellow bicycle, the Landing Page has to have Pictures of it, description, and easy buying option.

There has to be no additional questions or steps, only a buying option, which does not include a lot of work from the user to complete.

Moreover, Pictures of the yellow bicycle have to be clear and of high quality. The user has to see it in angles that interest him. 

The same goes for a description. It has to be informative and focused on the main aspects that appeal.

So, to create a high-quality Landing Page, think about user experience, make it easy to use.

Likewise, if you are using Google AdWords for the promotion of your blog, your blog has to be fast and understandable with ease.

4. Negative Keywords

For targeting desired users, you have to use Negative Keywords in Google AdWords.

A negative keyword is a function by Google AdWords. By using it, you can list keywords for which you do not want that your ad would show.

For instance, if you are advertising a baseball bat, you do not want that your advertisement would show when someone on Google will be searching for a bat as a pet for home.

The keyword for animal bat and the advertisement for baseball bats are irrelevant. So users who are searching for bats would not be interested in your ad for baseball bats.

In this way, your relevance and quality score will go down, so you have to bid more for your ads to show, and your CPC will increase.

So, when you are looking in Google AdWords report, check for keywords that are irrelevant for your ads and put them as Negative Keywords. This way, your CPC will decrease.

5. Manual Bidding 

To lower your CPC Costs in Google AdWords, you have to use Manual Bidding, but you have to know what to do.

Because in Manual Bidding, you have full control of your ads in Google Adwords. You can do testing, which is necessary, as mentioned before. Moreover, if your ad is underperforming, you will be able to react quickly.

Manual Bidding requires time, but in this way, you are taking all the matters in your hand and do not leave everything in Google hands blindly.

Automated Google AdWords strategy can sometimes bid too much for the click on the ad. Therefore on Manual Bidding, you can set the Maximum Cost Per Click.

You can set Maximum Cost Per Click for the entire ad group, or certain placement, or a specific keyword. By lowering any of them you will be able to check if the results are still the same and do not suffer.

If everything is ok, you can lower your bids little by little, till you reach the bottom line.

As you can see, lowering the bids for specific keywords or ad groups and constantly checking results requires a lot of time.

But it is worth it because in this way you can reduce your CPC Costs drastically.

Moreover, you will be able to prioritize the ads which have the best performance. Therefore your revenue from clicks will be much higher when using Manual Bidding.

So, if you are seeking to Lower CPC Costs in Google Adwords drastically, these are 5 incredible ways:

  • The relevance of the keyword, ad, and landing page; 
  • Testing of the keywords, ads, and landing pages;
  • Keep the high quality of Landing Page,
  • Use Negative Keywords;
  • Use Manual Bidding instead of automatic.

If you will be using all these 5 methods your CPC Costs will be lower in no time.

Author Bio:

I’m Chris Wagner, Head of Content @ HostingPill. I regularly write about Hosting, Web servers, and WordPress. I have more than 9 years of Industry experience. I can help you to find the best web hosting for your needs.