5 Digital-Marketing Tendencies in 2021

Developing a successful marketing strategy is often one of the top business challenges. Any brilliant idea can fail if it is presented incorrectly to the public. Online marketing can significantly reduce the cost of promoting a product and at the same time get closer to the consumer. But there is one catch: since electronic media is rapidly evolving, the winner is the one who adapts first. Those who do not have time to join the trend in time will find themselves on a crowded platform, whose users are already blind to marketing.

Programmable Advertising

Nowadays it is fashionable to program any processes that were previously started manually by a person. Programmable ad buying means that AI can reach an audience of colossal size. But successfully established contact with the audience is one of the most important things in marketing. The popularity of programmable advertising is evidenced by the fact cited by eMarketer: it is predicted that by 2022 more than 86% of digital advertising messages in the United States will become programmable.

Depending on your business, you can use the following tools to program your ads:

●  AdRoll ⏤ mainly focuses on social media (ideal for Facebook and Instagram)

●  Adobe Marketing Cloud ⏤ successfully automates ad strategy to match client requirements;

●  Rubicon Project ⏤ a favorite tool of most international brands, it allows you to manage advertising optimization in accordance with the traditional RFP (request for proposal) and automates the negotiation process;

●  DoubleClick is a Google product that helps buyers with purchases and assists in real-time;

●  AdReady ⏤ maintains media stories and platforms, creates strategies to bypass competitors; The trick of this tool is that its owners focus more on ROI (return on investment) than on ad templates.

Quick Reply Blocks

Some time ago, search engines began to display blocks with quick responses on the page with the query results, in which according to the algorithm the most relevant information is displayed. It is this information that voice assistants like to read when users ask them questions.

The blocks with quick responses showcase key information from materials from the top search results. The most effective way to use this tool will be h-tags embedded on a web page. They will help the search engine highlight key information (for example, product data) and supplement it with a relevant, attention-grabbing image. By the way, the most proficient way to succeed in this case is to appeal to professionals, for example, engineers from Engre platform.

A study by Ahrefs has shown that if the search does not display a block with quick responses, 26% of clicks are on the first link. However, if a block with quick replies appears, 8.6% of clicks “go” to it.

It’s important to remember that blocks with quick responses have their drawbacks. Since search engines display answers to questions on top of search results, this can result in users not following the link at all. Therefore, it is important to interest the audience, to attract it to a more detailed search on the site. This can be done using keywords in the main message.

Conversational Marketing

If you’ve ever come across Monster Insight, then you know what conversational marketing is. This program uses the WPForms plugin in its work, namely Conversational Forms Addon. For example, they might ask you to take a survey by filling out a WordPress form, analyze your responses, and use them to grow your brand. This is what conversational marketing looks like, and one of its most promising offshoots is associated with voice search.

Quora Creative has statistics to prove that the commercial success of today’s businesses is in the hands of voice marketing. Just take a look:

●  voice-powered shopping is expected to generate a combined profit of $ 40 billion by 2022;

●  from this it follows that the number of consumers who like voice marketing will increase to 18% in 2022;

●  by 2024, the market for voice smart devices will be estimated at $ 30 billion.

Impressive? Let’s talk about which tools will help marketers. For example, based on some Amazon products, digital marketers can offer consumers valuable audio content ⏤ daily news, podcasts on interesting and relevant topics, step-by-step instructions, games, or even use storytelling techniques.

So, with the help of Jeopardy, customers can be involved in a game on a smartphone, every day offering to answer six questions about the company and technology ⏤ and giving away symbolic prizes.

If your target audience consists of business people, business owners, you should pay attention to the interactive game The Daily Five / Nine, a development based on the American TV series “Mr. Robot”. The game starts the same for all participants, but as the players make choices, the course of action changes. Something similar can be designed within your company – at least, discussion in the news and increased interest are guaranteed to you.

Live Broadcasts

The number of social media users who prefer video content is growing, while brands are faced with ad blocking and canceled paid subscriptions. Live broadcasts allow, on the one hand, to attract an audience, and on the other hand, to overcome the difficulties that arise. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram support this feature.

Live broadcasts significantly increase the level of interaction with the audience: 82% of users prefer this format to regular posts in their accounts. By giving the brand a chance to respond to questions and comments in real-time, users have a sense of a personal conversation. Thus, it becomes possible to build trusting relationships with subscribers and, as a result, acquire a loyal audience.

Influencer Marketing

When it comes to millennials, you must be on your guard. After all, only 1% of this target audience trusts advertising. 33% of generations choose a product after reading a review on their favorite blog. And another 40% buy the desired item online after the influencer has shown it on their YouTube channel or their Instagram and Twitter pages.

It is no longer fashionable to buy a thing because Angelina Jolie is wearing it. The phenomenon of influencers is associated with the fact that everyone who has read a story wants to recognize themselves in it. This means that we trust the testimonies of ordinary people more than the assurances of celebrities.

The question arises where to look for influencers. There are special sites, registering on which, you can carry out the so-called blog outreach ⏤ the search for the necessary media persons who will help in selling your product. The most popular platforms are Pitchbox, AspireIQ, Fame Pick, BuzzSumo, Klear. The cost, as a rule, does not exceed $ 200 per month and can be reduced, depending on the functionality that you plan to use.