5 Best Marketing tools that every organization can use to spread the word about their product on multiple social media channels.

5 Best Marketing tools that every organization can use to spread the word about their product on multiple social media channels

Product or service promotion is essential for revenue generation and requires proper planning and execution. For this reason, businesses concentrate maximum effort on hiring qualified and experienced people to build marketing strategies and launch them on various platforms. Depending on their goal, a company may use one or a combination of methods to develop awareness among the populace. Examples include advertisements in newspapers, billboards, radio, direct, and internet advertising.

The Internet is an invaluable marketing medium. Why? Because it saves time, is cost-effective, and guarantees interest from people living in multiple countries worldwide. Moreover, businesses can target multiple advertisement types such as email, native, video advertising, and social media ads. Posting Social ads has gained traction in the past few years and is known to yield better results. 

When discussing posting content on social media, two options are available. Companies can either run their social media campaign independently, a process that can consume a significant amount of time, or use marketing automation software. The second approach is preferable and has contributed a lot to the success of brands operating across the globe. The challenge now for the business is to identify the ideal marketing automation tool. The article negates this issue by informing the reader about top-rated marketing tools.

  1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a state-of-the-art social media scheduling, analytics, and marketing solution that puts all the required modules at your fingertips. You can accomplish yearly goals by targeting the right user base with powerful publishing, seamless collaboration, and insightful analytics. 

The Publishing and Scheduling tool comes in handy for scheduling and publishing posts on top social medial platforms, including Google Business Pages, Facebook Groups, TikTok, and Pinterest Boards. You can easily insert images, tags, videos, and gifs for each social media platform. With the bulk upload option, you can schedule up to 500 posts in one upload. Another prominent feature is the Social Calendar, which offers a helicopter view of the entire social media planning and execution.

SocialPilot provides an Analytics and Reports tool to assist you in getting insights and data to pick the perfect choice per your social media strategy. The reports are downloadable and shareable with clients through email and deliver the message of your entire branding. Other modules provided by the software include White Label, Collaboration, and Engagement.

  1. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a robust Social Media Management Platform that enables startups, publishers, agencies, and brands to accelerate their content and social media marketing. It is the go-to source for high-profile agencies and brands like Unilever, New York University, getdone, userpilot, EcoCarrier, and MINTSocial.

The software comes packed with essential tools like Analytics, Discovery, Publisher, Planner, and Instagram Publishing. With Analytics, you can monitor KPIs and assess performance across each channel. Marketers can find, evaluate, and share best-performing content for all industries and topics. They can utilize the Planner to plan and collaborate with their teams on a beautiful and dynamic editorial calendar. 

The solution comes with a Media Library, where you can store all the media files and brand creatives for quick reuse, and an Inbox to help you keep an eye on KPIs, determine performance, and generate white-label reports. Other platform highlights include a unified social inbox, RSS reader with social sharing ability, engagement tracking, and content intelligence.

  1. ShareIt By SocialPilot

ShareIt By SocialPilot is popular content curation and influencer discovery solution for social media strategists, managing directors, and consultants. It simplifies content search and makes it easy to come across relevant content for your niche. The goal is to sustain the social engagement with your loyal customers, without which modern businesses can’t compete in today’s environment. It makes things easier by helping you explore, curate, and share fresh content on all social media pages.

ShareIt’s major highlight is that it shows all the most shared content on social mediap platforms for the previous day. You can instantly share the relevant content on social media pages, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The software serves as a great alternative to Curata because it enables users to schedule the curated content without needing a different tool. Other features include filtering content by time and relevance, searching through content by Twitter handles, and getting related topics and content ideas.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite consolidates all your social channels in a single panel, making it an all-in-one marketing tool for brands, agencies, and independent marketers. The built-in calendar view allows the automatic scheduling of content and reviewing posts in a single view. You can free up time by scheduling posts across each social network in a couple of clicks. 

The platform helps you boost the approval level of your audience by delivering the right content and supplies you with high-quality tools to help grow your social following. The Hootsuite dashboard lets you view all image assets for flow-by-flow posting. Once the content is online, monitor the latest social conversations, brand mentions, and trends to read customers’ minds.

  1. Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage from Adobe is one of the leading platforms that provides Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Revenue Attribution, and Social Marketing solutions. It integrates social media directly into your marketing plan to bring new customers on board and work with loyal customers.

It also simplifies the buyer journey and provides businesses with measurable results from acquisition going all the way to advocacy. The software excels in Marketing Automation and enables you to identify, engage and boost customer experience. 

The platform allows brands like Fujitsu, Roche, Cloudera, CenturyLink, and Panasonic to track the right customers, construct and expand automated marketing campaigns, and find factors impacting revenue. Teams handling the promotion efforts for their employers can leverage sophisticated journey flows, rich behavioral data, and best-in-class intelligence to pinpoint and scale the best opportunities to coordinate their buyer’s experiences.

Other Marketo Engage features include content personalization, experience automation, marketing impact analytics, and cross-channel engagement. Experience Automation is worth expanding on as it dynamically nurtures customers and allocates engagement via each journey stage to help you automate the complete customer experience.

Final Thoughts

The article clarifies why it is best to work on social media with a marketing automation tool than without one. It lists all the top-rated services and describes all the latest features and functionalities to help the reader pick the right option for themselves.