4 Things To Consider Now When Planning Your Marketing Strategy for 2023

4 Things To Consider Now When Planning Your Marketing Strategy for 2023

As you gear up for 2023, you want to do whatever it takes to help your business grow. Part of that involves a solid marketing plan that allows you to reach new customers, retain your current ones, and make your company more visible in the public eye. 

If you’re unsure of where to get started as you work through your marketing plan, here are a few areas that are worth considering and can help you grow your business even more. 

1. Decide How You’ll Market To Customers

Ask yourself what your current marketing methods are. Do you use older techniques, such as direct mail, or do you try to connect via a website, social media, or something else altogether? Perhaps you use a combination of methods in order to reach as many people as possible.

When getting ready for the new year, now is a good time to make a list of all the different ways you would like to target customers old and new alike. Maybe you want to add another social media channel to the mix, or perhaps you would like to have promotional gear created and attend a trade show. 

Start by evaluating where your company is now, and what route you would like to move it toward with your outreach plans. 

2. Figure Out When Your Big Sale Days Will Be

As you think about potential sales days for 2023, make a list of when you plan on having big sales. Everyone knows about Black Friday, but don’t forget about days like Cyber Monday, President’s Day,  or other special holidays that people typically associate with shopping and buying. 

Make sure you are devoting enough time to planning marketing events around these days, and decide how much you’ll take off certain items or for the sale altogether. Maybe you’ll have a 30% off sale for Labor Day, but even deeper discounts right around the Christmas season. It is up to you, but make sure you are planning in advance. When in doubt, take a look at the competition, and see what they are doing and how they handle big sales events. 

3. Refine Your Target Audience

Refining your target audience is important. It gives you the chance to figure out who your company is selling to and what you want to do to appeal to them. Maybe you are looking to expand your audience, or perhaps you want to keep it as is, but need new and innovative ways to capture their attention. 

You can test new items and see how they go over. Or, you could try connecting to other areas that appeal to a newer or different target. Doing so could help your business grow and even double sales, depending on what you are offering. Much like a business plan, refining or changing your audience is something that can be ongoing, so don’t expect it to stop as long as you have a company to run.

4. Ask Customers What They Want

This might sound obvious at first glance, but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. What do your customers want? Maybe they would like to see you add a different product or service to the line, thereby making it worth their while to purchase from you or otherwise use your services. Or maybe they would like a customer appreciation day or something else altogether.

Solicit customer feedback in the form of a survey, and give them the incentive to let you know what they think. If you don’t want to offer a percentage off of their next purchase, a small free gift is always a helpful option, and it might be just enough to get some people interested. 

Although customer feedback might seem like a hassle to set up, it can truly provide insight into what people are looking for. It can also be helpful in trying to retain your customers. if they feel you are listening to them and their needs, they will be less likely to go to a competitor. 

When planning for the 2023 year, you should set up a marketing strategy that can carry you well into the new year and help you make the most of your money while appealing to your customer base. Start by taking a look at your current marketing methods, and decide what you want to change up. Plan ahead with upcoming sale days. Think about what days you want to have sales on, how much off you’ll be selling items for, and how long each sale should last. Ask for customer feedback and try to incorporate reasonable suggestions when it is possible. 

Finally, refine your market and expand, if you think it will help. This could allow your company to double profits while appealing to a new group of customers.