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4 Effective SEO Strategies for Your New Small Business in Denver

If you have just started a new small business in the Denver metropolitan area, you will have to compete with many larger organizations. Understandably, you may have a constrained marketing budget, so it is best to focus on digital marketing strategies like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

Attracting local customers should be one of the first steps to popularise your business in Denver. Localized SEO efforts can be extremely effective in ranking your website higher for search queries in Denver and surrounding areas. You can follow the strategies to get the most out of your time, investment, and efforts to popularise your business in Denver, Colorado.

Local Keyword Research

If you are not familiar with the process of keyword research, you can study it, or you can hire an enterprise SEO company in Denver. You can also try using Google’s keyword planner or other keyword research tools to search for data specific to Denver.

These keyword research tools enable you to designate the areas for which you want to gather keyword data. You can specify the locations served by your business and use appropriate search filters to generate Denver specific keywords. If you are using Google’s keyword planner, you can use the DMA region filter for Denver, which will give you access to the data for almost all of Colorado.

DMA is short for Designated Market Area, which covers all the regions connected by the local television broadcast network. However, businesses that have already gained popularity in the Denver market use this filter to increase their website ranking for specific keywords.

Therefore, it is better to break it down to other cities near Denver, such as Aurora, Lakewood, Thorton, Westminster, Arvada, and Englewood, to gather more localized keyword data. This option is specifically essential for new businesses that do not have a prominent rank for Denver search queries.

You can create web pages and content containing the keywords for each specific location you want your website to rank for on Google searches. Larger established businesses would prefer using the DMA filter, which will give you an edge if you use the second method. You can also have a web page specifically for Denver, but it might take more time to get a prominent ranking for your small business.

The method is also useful for new businesses as it gives an approximate amount of the data points for the specific regions in and around Denver. If you are using hyper-local SEO strategies, you must take your target audience size in each area into account.

Try to maximize your reach in target regions where the bigger competitors are less. Therefore, start with locations that have the largest target population and the least amount of competition.


According to studies, 31.2% of the people living in Denver are of Hispanic origin and 23.5% speak Spanish at home. So if you want to maximize your website traffic, you have to ensure that these people can read and understand your website content.

For a new small business, it might not be possible to hire human translators for content updates. Therefore, you should use multilingual platforms like WordPress to create your website so that you can offer multiple language options.

Also, make sure that you use hreflang tags in your website coding so that Google can direct Spanish users to the alternate language pages of your website. Using hreflang tags will also ensure that Google does not penalize your website for duplicate content.

Local Events

You can take advantage of local events for SEO because searchers always follow trends on Google. Many businesses created COVID-19 specific content during the pandemic, which increased their website traffic in the past year. Similarly, You can use local events from Denver to publish website content.

For example, residents of Denver look for skiing and other winter sports-related options on Google from October to February. Google is aware of this and prioritizes any fresh content which contains keywords related to skiing and other winter sports during that time.

You can also use events like A Taste of Colorado or other local festivals to create website content with keywords that will improve your website ranking.

Google My Business

A Google My Business profile is essential for a new small business to attract local customers anywhere in the world. But it is especially useful in places like Denver, which attracts lots of travelers from all over America.

When tourists look for local businesses in a new city like Denver, they use Google to find them. So make sure that you have an updated Google My Business profile.

There are several nuances and trends in Denver that you can use to increase your prominence. For example, Denver is known as the Mile High City or Gateway to the Mountains. We hope that you can use the SEO strategies we discussed to promote your new small business on Google and other search engines.