35+ Free Facebook Templates for Photoshop

Nowadays, it is really important to announce upcoming events on social media. Usually, all of your friends see what you post on Facebook so they are the first to know about your news. When it comes to important events you are organizing, it is advantageous to pick up relevant Facebook templates. 

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However, take your time to order such templates from designers – we are going to share       35+ free Facebook templates for Photoshop. They are easy to edit so you can customize each template to your liking. 

1 Wedding – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

This wedding invitation Facebook template in luxurious design is just right for you. Made in white and purple, the template depicts the bride and the groom, and a sprig of white flowers. Do not forget to customize that using Adobe Photoshop.


2 Facebook Cover Design Free Download

If you are looking for an appropriate Facebook cover design, check out the following one. Whether you are a company owner or you want to announce a fashion sale, this Facebook cover will come in handy for you.


3 Free! Facebook Timeline Covers – March freebie

These Facebook timeline covers are made in classic light design. Absolutely free, they will help you beautify the account. Do not forget to edit the cover you are about to use.


4 Birthday – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

Invite your friends to the birthday party using this gorgeous Facebook cover template for Photoshop. Do not hesitate to edit and customize the template as it is completely free.


5 Free Download Facebook Cover Template

Facebook covers are getting more popular every day. Well, this one is good-looking and very easy to use. Make sure to edit the template the way you wish.


6 Facebook cover business template Free Psd

This Facebook cover business template in the official design will help you grow your business. Write about the latest news on Facebook and do not forget to edit the template.


7 Quest Room – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

This quest room free Facebook is perfect for promoting the upcoming event. If you want to gather as many guests as possible, do not hesitate to edit and upload this template.


8 Free Download Facebook Cover Template

Facebook covers are very important if you want to draw potential clients’ attention to your page. Whether you are a graphic designer or a student, this template will help you gain more popularity.


9 Facebook business cover template Free Vector

Consider using this business cover template in an official design. It is perfect for business or any type of project promotion. Just edit the template and add the necessary information.



 10 Columbus Day – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

Invite people to the Columbus day party using this free Facebook cover template in PSD format. It is made in a calm but interesting design with white fonts. Such an appearance looks relevant so it will fit the account.


11 Free Download Facebook Cover 

This free Facebook cover template in saturated pink is perfect for your business or company. Whether it is a beauty salon account or you are promotion services for girls, consider using the following template.


12 Facebook winter cover template Free Vector

Winter is officially here. Even if it is not, get prepared with this Facebook winter cover template. Make sure to change the template to make it fit your Facebook page.


13 Soccer – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

This soccer Facebook cover template in relevant design will help you promote the upcoming event. Of course, it is absolutely free and 100% customizable so the editing process is not going to take a lot of time.


14 Free Download Facebook Cover Design

Are you planning a super sale? Consider using this free download Facebook cover design. It is made in white, yellow, and blue. The template also depicts an image that can be replaced with the relevant photo.


15 Facebook spring cover template Free Vector

No matter what season it is, you can start thinking about your spring collection. Check out this Facebook spring cover template for Photoshop. It depicts gorgeous flowers which adds tenderness and grace.


16 Ladies Night – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

Girls love attractive invitation cards made with a sense of taste and style. This ladies’ night free Facebook template is made in white and saturated pink. Such a design will not leave anybody indifferent.


17 Free Download Facebook Cover Design 

This Facebook cover menu design is perfect if you work at the restaurant. It is made in green, white, and black and such a combination definitely looks good.


18 Facebook marketing cover template Free Vector

Such a Facebook marketing template in blue color will help you draw the attention of the potential clients. If you are working in a digital marketing agency, opt for this beautiful template.


19 Business Forum – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

Promote an upcoming business forum using this free Facebook cover template in the official style. Although it is made in standard colors, the design makes the template look stylish and trendy.


20 Free Facebook cover Design

This Mexican chicken Facebook cover design is definitely the right one for you. Made in red, it causes hunger so people will want to visit your place right away.


21 Facebook cover template Free Psd

This Facebook timeline cover template in a restricted style looks simple but stylish. Check out the following combination of pink, blue, and white.


22 Halloween – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

Halloween is the most mysterious holiday of the year. Both children and adults are waiting to have some fun during this eerie night. So, do not forget to use this Halloween free Facebook cover template.


23 Free Download Facebook Cover Design

Delicious food also needs the right promotion. Check out this food Facebook cover design template in the dark design. You can edit the templates if you wish.


24 Smiley girl of the beach facebook cover template Free Vector

Give your clients good vibes with such a Facebook cover template. It depicts a gorgeous girl at the beach and relevant fonts. 



25 Wedding Invitation – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

Of course, you need to prepare good wedding invitations in order to gather a lot of guests. So, such a template in light colors will come in handy for you. Make sure to edit the details and specify the date and location of the event celebration.


26 Free Download Facebook Cover Design

If a person wants to order delicious food, they should see how to do that fast. That is why we recommend you to use such a Facebook cover design template.


27 Facebook summer cover template Free Vector

It is time for special summer offers. Do not forget to use this welcome summer Facebook cover template in bright colors.


28 Church – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

A Church Facebook cover template can also be beneficial. Make sure to check out this Facebook cover template in black and red.


29 Facebook food restaurant cover template Free Vector

Another food restaurant template is waiting for your attention. Made in saturated yellow, it looks fresh and stylish. Make sure to change the texting and post this template.


30 Free Mother’s Day Facebook Cover Template

This Mother’s Day Facebook cover template in nude colors is so sweet! Of course, remember that you should edit the details and customize the template.


31 Happy Hour – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

A lot of people are looking for happy hours in different cafes and restaurants. That is why you should consider using this happy hour free Facebook cover template.


32 Free Labor Day Facebook Cover Template 

World labor day also needs the relevant promotion. Remind your followers about this event using the following Facebook cover template.


33 Free Cyber Monday Facebook Cover Template

It is cyber Monday! Make sure to use this Facebook cover template in black, white, and orange.


34 Fall Festival – Free Facebook Cover Template in PSD + Post + Event cover

Promote the upcoming fall festival using this free Facebook cover template in a multicolored design. It perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the event.


35 Free Gym Facebook Cover Template

Draw the attention of the gym lovers using this free gym Facebook cover template in restricted style. Seems like it is exactly what you were looking for.


As you see, it is possible to get an appropriate Facebook template absolutely for free. All you need is to decide what style and design you are looking for. Once you are prepared, do not miss the opportunity to get a high-quality free Facebook template.