3 Leadership Lessons from former Wildcat Steven Kerr

A household name for any basketball fan and a good role model for all athletes or coaches out there, so why not take a page out of his playbook and learn 3 Leadership lessons from former Wildcat Steven Kerr

The Chicago Bulls star has won an astonishing 8 NBA championships, but he also stands out because of his character and personality.

Kerr recently jumped into the spotlight again as The Last Dance documentary retells the story of his relationship with Michael Jordan and his role in the Bulls dynasty, highlighting his fortitude as an athlete and a reliable teammate. 

This Arizona alumni has proven time and time again why he is #made it so far, so take a look at 3 Leadership lessons from former Wildcat Steven Kerr:

Stand up and stand out 

The now-famous story of how Steven Kerr stood up to the one and only Michael Jordan has made its rounds around the world, a leadership lesson from a strong character that would not back down in front of intimidation. 

An altercation during practice that ended with Kerr punching Jordan had the latter declaring that the actions made him gaining a new perspective on his teammate, that one exchange earned him the respect of one of the greatest of all times and cemented part of his personality as a leader. 

Strength and conviction are qualities appreciated in all people but necessary in collegiate athletes, and for those lucky enough to receive athletics scholarships, it makes all the difference. 

Having this kind of fortitude will help athletes withstand the hard athletic and academic demands they will face. For those in coaching positions, it will help them gain the respect and trust of those that have to follow them into a competition. 

Be willing to learn 

Kerr himself has declared that he tries to avoid being “A “Know It All” Coach” accepting that in the process of leading there has to be an openness to learning and change. 

The former Wildcat has experience on both sides and knows the importance of both players and coaching staff contributions. 

For Kerr and for those looking to get to a championship the only way is together, team effort will stand above and defeat most opponents. 

Encouraging players, staff, and expert voices to give new perspectives on what is needed for success will lead to a more informed decision and more significant leadership skills. 

Create your own path 

The road to success is different for everyone, so it makes sense that each individual or team would create their own vision on how to get there. 

When Kerr first arrived as the Golden State Warriors head coach he wanted to introduce an offensive strategy for the team, a bold idea for an inexperienced and not yet winning coach. 

He preserved the change even after the Warriors faced many challenges adapting to the new way of playing, the work paid off as Kerr, and his Warriors became one of the stellar basketball teams in the last few years. 

After three NBA championships and revolutionizing the game, the leadership lesson being that holding your positions and committing to the work can pay off for the team.