12 Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2020

Trends in digital marketing are very similar to the fashion world where every new season new trends dominate the runway. But every once in a while, a trend pops up that just hangs around longer than expected. It’s already 2020 and if you don’t tighten your belts and take it seriously this year, then you’ll definitely fall behind in the competitive race.

According to eMarketer, worldwide digital ad spend is estimated to exceed $375 billion by 2021.

That’s a whopping statistic! Let’s take a look at some of the digital marketing trends that aren’t going anywhere.

10 Digital Marketing Trends Of 2020

1. Chatbots

Robots are the future but they don’t seem to be too far away. Marketing chatbots aren’t exactly real robots but they’re as similar as you can get to a virtual concierge. They are a specialized type of software that communicates with users and helps them achieve certain goals. They work by interacting on web pages via chatboxes. They are primarily text-based, but some audio versions can be really fun to talk to.

One field where they excel is customer service. They are loved by websites like Facebook because they can manage simple Q&A features. A user will ask a specific question, and if the bot has the answer in his database it will do its best to answer it. Generally, it stays to simple issues. The most common questions are such issues as the weather and the specific details of the website.

2. Personalized Emails

Rarely anyone recalls the solitary e-mail. It may seem like an old-fashioned communication method but online marketers know better. E-mails are still extremely popular and useful communication channels, and can’t be ignored when it comes to digital marketing. E-mails are here to stay, whether we like it or not.

There has been a huge shift from generic email marketing ads to more personalized, individual content. Automation helps you to individually meet a large audience without breaking a sweat. Users ‘ browsing history is an essential tool that lets you choose which type of product you will try to advertise. The reason e-mail is so relevant is that it works as a final step in the sale of a product.

3. Content Marketing

Quality content can work as a real magnet for attracting consumers to your websites. Whether or not this quality content is an ad is really of no significance. Content marketing remains a top priority for anyone who wants to sell anything on the Internet. The content marketing standard has always mattered, but by now certain changes have been made.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the presence of ads in their feed and it inhibits them from buying products. Content marketing is a way to make people disregard the ad component of a video or article while inspiring them to make a purchase. Having a deep, sophisticated understanding of your target audience is essential for good quality content. This will allow you to target precisely that particular audience, contributing to a more successful digital marketing campaign. You’ll need some quality content creators and influencers to achieve optimal results with your new content.

4. Voice Search

Every day, voice recognition software gets better and is making its way to our homes. You can ask a smart speaker by verbal commands to order items online or even remotely control other smart devices in your home. Voice commands are also a possible goldmine for marketing and advertising.

Letting prospects use their voice, for starters, makes it easier to search for things and buy them.

Items such as the Amazon Echo, launched a couple of years ago, are becoming a household product that can act as an ideal marketing tool. Why are these speakers and virtual assistants helpful? People usually go to specific websites when they want to have something delivered to them from far away. If you want to shop locally, you will ask your virtual assistant software if there is anything nearby.

The way you talk also influences the way you put together your marketing strategy together. Speech is more conversational than typing, which is why you should concentrate on making your website content match the same way.

5. Social Media Influencers

Looking at the big picture is great but you’ve got to think of the micro sometimes. Getting people to endorse products has always been an effective way to advertise them. Popular individuals and celebrities today can act as influencers that can bring your product to prominence in no time.

Consider building a small influencer team to spread the product’s message. Influencers who are less popular have their own advantages. Not only do they cost less to hire but they also impact target audiences differently. Celebrity endorsements can feel artificial and fake to people who are used to seeing this type of thing.

6. Artificial Intelligence

One of the best-emerging technologies is artificial intelligence, but the future may be closer than you think. So far we have seen AI evolve to do a lot of digital marketing activities. How you put it to work on your portfolio to work depends on your objectives and platforms.

If you haven’t started working with digital marketing teams using AI, you are probably falling behind the curve.

A significant portion of marketers use AI for product recommendations and its use in campaign optimization should not be overlooked either.

You may wonder how artificial intelligence actually accomplished such objectives? Personalization is the principal method used by marketers. AI can now offer personalized advertisement insertions on websites in real-time with ease.

7. Private Messaging App

As 2020 has commenced, many companies will begin to shift their focus on how to make better use of private messaging apps. Smartphone apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat have already become massively popular. Instead of using passwords, cutting-edge businesses are taking advantage of both mobile applications and private messaging groups.

Major brands are already conducting experiments to monetize messaging apps so that customers will be able to pay for products directly through messaging apps. It will be much easier to send and receive money.

Some applications like WeChat Pay have already made significant progress in making online payments easier; users of WeChat, Venmo, and PayPal are getting used to these apps already.

8. Video Advertising

Videos are becoming the most valuable commodity available to a digital marketing specialist. Platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook Live are industry giants, and they are steadily increasing even more. With the click of a button, content marketing that people used to watch on television is now projected onto their phones.

This means the attention is also moving rapidly. It is predicted that in a couple of years about eighty per cent of all internet traffic will be served by videos. The real question is why should you wait? Better to use this rising trend to the optimum level right now, while it is still rising. Since viewers spend so much of their time watching videos, it’s only normal that video ads should also be seen. Catering to that medium is a recipe for higher revenue. In video advertisements, creativity is the motto. Spontaneous, momentary clips are where it’s at right now.

9. Omnichannel Marketing

With the rise of the Internet, customers are more educated than ever before. Before buying anything, they will look for additional information on just about every possible channel. That’s why it’s important that you cover all your bases. For example, potential prospects can be introduced to your business via channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

Omnichannel marketing also allows you to keep track of the interactions of potential buyers even when they interact with you on a different channel. This way you give the impression that you pay attention to the details. The interaction may begin with social media, through which you obtain the information necessary to give the person more targeted advertising, on both other websites and e-mails.

10. Faster Mobile Pages

Nowadays, mobile phones could just be the most relevant digital marketing tool. Approximately 60% of search engine traffic going through Google is estimated to be done through mobile phones. With websites becoming more and more populated, their load times may dramatically increase.

Higher load times result in higher bounce times, and this will lead to a lower Google rating. To counter this, Google has begun the AMP project. Pages that fall under accelerated mobile pages load within zero point five seconds, making them very fast websites and this allows them to get a high Google ranking.

The increased ranking gives a guaranteed increase in the local SEO to your website. Mobile phones represent most social media ad views and revenue, making them a priority for marketing experts.


unsplasThere is no gainsaying that digital marketing trends aren’t the easiest things to forecast. Times have changed. Having a catchy slogan and a good logo will not do the job by itself. You need to think of digital marketing as a game of chess. Think three steps ahead and the competition will always be ahead of you. If you’re looking for some guidance with your digital marketing efforts, it’s recommended that you choose a digital marketing agency for a professional perspective. Keep in mind that your rivals are always trying to cash in on the new marketing trends, so keep yourself updated and work towards improving your marketing strategy.

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