10 Tips for SEO-friendly Roofing Website Design

10 Tips for SEO-friendly Roofing Website Design

With the current popularity of digital media, inbound marketing through this platform has become an effective way to make your marketing asset. Consumers now want to be educated about the product or service they are purchasing/hiring. In a world full of competitors, to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is a victory. The higher a website is ranked on the first page; the more are the chances that users will click on the website.

No matter how proficient roofing company you are, unless you don’t know the trick of selling yourself you will not be able to make it through. Like other industries, there is a lot of competition among roofers to be able to make a place on the first page of Google Search Results.

Various factors affect the ranking of any website. On-page and off-page optimization play pivotal roles in determining your website’s position on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Before we go any further let us have a quick overview of what SEO is.

What is Roofing SEO?

Upon searching about a service by a user, Google tries to bring the most relevant website to the keyword being searched. In SEO, we trigger Google to index our website and show it on the first page. Without SEO, you will not be seen by users. It is like you have a shop full of high-quality commodities, but somewhere in the corner of a shopping center, where hardly anyone goes.

We have come with some tips to help you get exposure and not hide somewhere far away from the eyes of the buyer.

Proper and simple website structure

It is one of the first on-page optimization factors that affect ranking. Your roofing website has to be structured in a way so it is easy for Google to index your website. A complex or ill-structured website will never make it to the first page. An ideal website should have 4 levels or tiers. The home page is on the first level and it directs users to the pages on the second level.

Any page added within these 2nd tier pages will be on the third level and so on.

Google can only index up to 4 levels. So, adding more will be useless and not SEO-friendly. Moreover, a well-developed web structure doesn’t malfunction easily.

When making a roofing website make sure it is easily understood by users and Google. For example, keep similar pages together, like information of services and products should be placed in the services page and not in the About Us page.

URL (Unique Resource Locator) must be optimized

A URL is the address of your website. It is mainly composed of a domain name and a protocol (the http). The domain name must have the keyword you want to rank on. For instance, include the keyword ‘Roofs’ in your domain name to optimize your URL. Furthermore, make sure the address to your website is a word and not in numbers.

Every page of your roofing website has a unique address or page ID. So, make sure your pages within the website also have keywords in their URLs and they aren’t mere numbers.

Moreover, domain names that are newly registered take time to hit the SERP.

Google loves local businesses

Roofing companies that prefer using their country name as their TLDs will be ranked higher. The ‘.com’ is called the Top-Level Domain and can be replaced by the countries or a city’s initials. So, if you are offering roofing services in New York, you can use the extension ‘.NYC’. This will help users in the city find you quickly. 

Google Maps can help a lot

Google’s 3-pack method to display the top roofing companies near a user based on their location helps a lot when it comes to finding more customers. Therefore, optimize your profile on Google My Business, which is Google’s product to help businesses thrive and rank high in their locality.

As soon as a user searches for a reputable roofing company, Google fetches data through the user’s GPS and will display your website with two other websites in your city, provided that you follow all of our guidelines.

Keywords are called KEY-WORDS for a purpose

These words are like keys opening locked doors to the SERP. Finding the right words to optimize your web pages plays a vital role. Searching for the right keywords requires effort, but the results are always worth the hassle.

Never compromise on the user experience UX

Websites that take an eternity to load, or are not properly inter-linked and the user or Google cannot access pages or the content within them will be penalized by the search engine. Not ranking your roofing website on the first page will be your punishment for not improving the user experience.

Give special attention to service pages

People search for services in particular. So, if you optimize your service page against a keyword, chances are that you make it to the first page of the searched results. For instance, your service page about asphalt shingle installation might appear in the searched results, if the user is searching about it and its prices.

Breadcrumbs keep websites user-friendly

Installing breadcrumb navigation on a website helps the user find the page they are on within a website. This will prevent users from going to the main menu to access other pages, rather they click on the link to the previous page. Furthermore, breadcrumbs give the search engine a guideline to the website structure and its inter-linking, increasing the chances for your website to rank high.

Images and videos are icing on the top

The importance of images and videos cannot be denied when talking of SEO-friendly roofing websites. Images can be optimized to get a place on the SERP. These images can be a great way to direct users to your roofing website. For instance, your image of one of your projects can grab the attention of a user and they might click on your website.

Videos keep the users glued to your web page.

The user needs to know that you are authentic

One of the major steps that a roofing website has to take is to display its human side. If users can connect with a service provider, the chances for them to hire your services will increase. Google appreciates when companies put a picture of their employees or when they share their success stories.

These factors count and immensely impact your roofing website’s chances to make it to the first position.

Author introduction:

I’m Adele Smith (Content Writer at Citylocal101.com). We helped small businesses to get leads online.