10 Project Management Steps to Run Every Project Perfectly

10 Project Management Steps to Run Every Project Perfectly

It is an arduous task to work on and manage a project from beginning to end. Individuals may face problems while managing a project if they do not have project management skills. Hence, they should acquire the skills for project management by getting a professional certification in it. A project manager must know the steps for project management, which they learn during training courses. 

You can join project management courses online to learn in-depth concepts for managing a project. In this article, we will discuss the 10 project management steps to run every project efficiently.

10 Project Management Steps

Now, we will discuss the 10 most relevant project management steps that will help you manage the project from the beginning to the end:

  1. Define the Scope of Your Project.

It is the first step and during this step, you will come to know what you need to achieve. You must set the objective of your project and highlight the important points. You must write down on paper and plan to use your ideas in the project. 

  1. Make the Timeline of the Project.

It is a major step because you must deliver the project on time. You must make a timeline for your project. You must know when your project will be complete, and you must divide the available time to complete each task separately. 

  1. Availability of Resources.

You must know the availability of resources as will help you to prepare the plan of your project and start it as soon as possible. You must assess the availability of machines, equipment, human power, investment, and other things required for completing the project. 

  1. Make a Project Plan.

You must make a project plan by getting feedback from the management team. The plan of your project includes the schedule, the task flow, difficulties, resources, and communication. 

  1. Team Communication

Once you get approval from the management team on your project plan, you can fix a meeting with your team and brief them about the project plan. You can assign tasks to your team.

  1. Assign Work to the Team Depending on the Availability of the Resources.

If you are working as a project manager, you must assign a task to each team member. This will make your work easier, and you will be able to control and monitor your project easily. Assign the task to each member depending on their abilities and skills. 

  1. Write Down Everything

You must write down everything from the beginning till the end of the project so that your project plan works efficiently. It is better to keep a proper record. If you must make any changes to the project plan you must write them down to move forward successfully. 

  1. Monitoring of Progress of Your Project.

You must keep an eye on the progress of the project, delivery, tasks assigned to the team, and other things that may affect the project. You must match the planned results with the actual results and work accordingly. 

  1. Use Software for Project Management.

If you want to finish your project successfully you can use software for project management. You can choose efficient software to manage your project needs. The software can help to make your work easier, and you can work efficiently on a project using the software. 

  1. Follow Up with the Team and Appreciate Their Work.

You should meet with your team regularly and get updates about the project’s completion. If any team member is lagging, you must push them to finish the given task on time. You must appreciate the work done by each member of your team. 

The Project Management Process

The process of managing a project is similar no matter if the project is simple or complex. There are different steps to manage every project efficiently. The main steps for running every project efficiently include the following:

  • Understanding Concept and Inception

It is the first step of project management. You must first understand the concept of the project and begin with your project idea. You must take a pen and paper to make a project idea. You must do proper research on your project and write the main points and get approval from the client. You will write down the scope of the project, objectives, and team management. 

  • Definition of Project & Planning 

This is the next step in which you must define the plan of your project and make a list of work required to be done for the project. The success of your project depends on the planning of your project. The project manager will assess the success of your project after looking at the plan of your project. You also must make a budget plan, schedule the project, and management of the resources. You may have to make changes to the above points while working on the project, but you must plan everything before you start working on the project. 

  • Execution of the Plan and Delivery

This is the most important stage of project management. You will start working on the project by collecting information from different resources and will try to complete the allotted tasks. During the execution stage, you must communicate with the project team, maintain the quality, and deliver the project. You must arrange a meeting with the project team to manage the speed of delivering the project on time. In the meeting with the project team, you will discuss the tasks with the team, the timeline of the project, the responsibilities of the team members, and other factors. 

  • Controlling & Monitoring the Performance of the Project

You must ensure that your project is on the right track and every team member is following the project plan. You must keep a check on every movement of the project from beginning to end. This will help in efficient monitoring and controlling the performance of your project. This will also help you to match the results with your set goals. You must control and monitor your actions to reach the desired aim.

  • Closing of the Project & Evaluation

This is the last stage of the project process, and this is the stage when you must finish your project. If you are satisfied with your project, you can finish it and start working on a new project. If you feel that you have not achieved the desired results you will have to make changes to improve the results and achieve the desired results. 

You must evaluate the project delivery by using KPI indexes. The project is evaluated based on varied factors such as speed, quality, delivery, and accuracy. After a successful evaluation of the project, you must appreciate your project team. You can also make plans to achieve better results in your next project.


In conclusion, project management is a demanding task & every project should be finished on time. Therefore, project managers should follow different steps of project management to achieve the desired goal. Project managers must first make a project plan, write everything on a paper, explain the project plan to the team, start working step by step, monitor the working of the project, and finally must deliver the project to the stakeholders on time. Every project has a timeline, and it is necessary that project managers must follow the timeline to achieve project goals.

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